7 Ways To Keep Your Creative Mojo Flowing


1. Breathe. Don’t panic. Just because the mojo is not flowing at the moment doesn’t mean you’re going to be creatively dry for the rest of time. Sometimes you have an off day, sometimes you have two. Maybe it’s more. Either way, I promise it’s all going to be ok. But if you stop breathing, well, we have other problems. Breathe – and watch how the ideas will come flooding back.

2. Stand. Yes, stand. Stretch. Get your blood flowing. Move your body and you’ll jostle whatever is keeping you creatively stuck.

3. Move somewhere away from your computer or notebook or whatever medium you’re creating in. Get up and go to the bathroom and splash some water on your face. Look outside the window. Look at the people on the street or the sun blazing in the sky or the cars as they whiz by. A change of view helps to reignite the spark of creativity, I promise.

4. Read a book. Read an article by your favorite author or on your favorite internet publication. Read a newspaper. Read. Are you seeing a trend here? Good. A great way to unlock your own creative potential is to read something else other than what you’re trying to create or write. It’s okay to be inspired by the words and works of another—it’s part of the great circle of life of art. So pick up something new to read, and let your brain be inspired by the work of another writer.

5. Eat breakfast. Or lunch. Or have some water. It’s hard to keep the mojo flowing if you’re dehydrated. If you’re hungry, you’re going to end up focusing on your stomach growling more than your work. Fuel your body and you’ll fuel your brain.

6. Listen to music. Let the music feed your soul, your brain, and your heart. Music inspires the greatest of stories—it unleashes our passion, our wisdom, our hopes, our dreams. Listen to your favorite tunes, or perhaps even try something new. Either way, let yourself get lost in the melodies and harmonies for a bit. Pay attention to what they conjure up—then watch how your creative mojo will flow.

7. Listen to other people. Talk to other people. There is a whole world happening all around you—engage with it. Let life be your inspiration—the people you meet, the places you’ll see, and the experiences that you’ll have will always be the greatest teacher. Pay attention.