7 ways to get through the rest of winter


apparently there’s 6 more weeks of winter since the groundhogs hate us. here are some things you can do to survive the next month and a half of shitty weather

don’t do your taxes

people who care about their taxes do them. you are not one of those people. it’s too depressing outside to worry about w-2 forms and how to locate your nearest h&r block. instead of doing your taxes, buy a new coat or do something that is the opposite of your taxes. the government isn’t really aware of how you’re handling your money anyway

tweet about how you either love or hate iggy azalea

everybody has opinions about iggy azalea these days and you should be no different. your best friend, your cousin, and even your granny has at least one iggy azalea opinion. so before spring has sprung, tweet something like ‘iggy azalea should not be held accountable for wanting to be a part of hip hop culture’ or ‘igloo australia is trash lol.’ read azealia banks’s twitter if you need inspiration

sign up for bachata dance lessons

because come summertime, you’re gonna look super lame in the club if the dj drops your favorite prince royce song and you don’t know how to dance to it

learn how to make meth

it’s winter, breaking bad has no new episodes, and you’ve always wanted to be a meth kingpin. this is a no brainer

learn an ancient language

this will be really good for you to one up people who don’t know any ancient languages

get fat

when it gets warm outside that’s when you can run, play frisbee and participate in other healthy activities that people in shape enjoy. now is definitely not the time to be all heathy and shit though. winter is for not counting calories and eating so much that you forget how cold it is in your apartment

be miserable

winter sucks and your pissy attitude should be a reflection of the weather