7 Ways To Not Get Over Someone


1. Make a playlist of every single song that reminds you of this person. Songs from that band that you introduced them to and became their new favorites. Old jazz songs that they sang when filling the silence of an awkward pause in conversation. Favorite country songs that they played on that long car ride back to your hometown when you were switching iPods back and forth.

2. Replay the last conversation you had in your mind over and over and over and over again. Analyze it from every angle. Tell as many friends as you can to keep finding new ways to interpret what was meant by “if I was still in town, I know it would have worked out.”

3. Keep old clothing of theirs and wear it to bed on nights when you feel especially lonely. Who cares if you feel kinda creepy when you wrap their old sweater around you and pretend that you’re in their embrace and bury your nose into it to see if any trace of their scent remains?

4. Ignore the advice of your friends and family, especially if they are saying that you need to move on. This talk is dangerous when trying not to get over someone. It leads to doubt and the potential for seeing things in a realistic perspective and this may threaten the fantasy that you have worked so hard to keep alive.

5. Regularly “check up” on this person by keeping track of tweets, Facebook statuses, and Instagram photos. Since, for the time being, you are most likely not in direct contact with this person it is important to feel like you are still aware of what is going on in the activities of their daily life. Maybe just for good measure, like, favorite, or retweet something of theirs and silently rejoice when they grace you with a response or quietly self-deprecate and fume when a week goes by sans acknowledgement.

6. Become a connoisseur of romantic comedies that are relatable to your current situation and fancy yourself the hero/heroine of each one. Tell yourself these stories are based on real-life scenarios so your situation could work out like this in the end. Right?

7. And finally, the best way not to get over someone, is by telling yourself that the timing was all wrong but maybe, just maybe, when you’re both older and have yourselves and your lives a bit more figured out that everything will fall into place. That if you believe it long enough and hold onto this belief hard enough and keep enough optimism and idealism about you that your lives really will intertwine again in the most perfect way in the future. They will come running back to you with some grand romantic gesture that they were wrong and with time and clarity are now able to see the error of their ways and that there is no other person they would rather be with.