7 Useful Things You Can Do To Have A Better Moviegoing Experience


Producer’s note: Someone on Quora asked: What are the best movie theater life hacks? Here is one of the best answers that’s been pulled from the thread.

  1. Subscribe to rewards programs: I have a free account for Regal (Regal, UA, Edwards) Crown Rewards and Showcase (Multiplex) Starpass (majority of nearby theaters) which provide rewards per movie ticket purchase and concession purchase. A free ticket and popcorn once in a while equates to a $1 trip to the movies. You can sign up for both at the theater, but if you are anxious Regal Crown Rewards is located here: Regal Crown Club | Regal Cinemas and Showcase is right here: Starpass. (If you do go to Regal Cinemas, my tip is to go for the large popcorn in a large group as it includes a free refill)
  2. Bring in a bottle of water in your jacket pocket: Never have I been “caught” sneaking something into the theater. I’ve brought popcorn in once purely because it is part of the movie going experience to crinkle the bag and lick the kernels till it’s dry, but there is no sake in purchasing a $5 water bottle when you have one laying around at home.
  3. Same goes for candy: Especially if you are seeing a movie in a mall with a Target or WalMart, why not run in, buy a significantly larger candy portion than the one at concession stands, and be more satisfied?
  4. Register with your AAA for free movie passes: By them mailing the Wolff’s free movie tickets, we have only paid admission five times over the past few years. Note: For super popular films or IMAX/3D, a small surcharge ($2-$5) is issued on your tab.
  5. If you don’t have free passes, don’t be afraid to Fandango for a hit film likeThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013 movie) because you know the lines will be out the door. For rewards getters, Fandango gets you the points. For the tech savvy, scanning the ticket into your Passbook (iOS app) makes this experience a breeze.
  6. Download RunPee.com: This app is well worth it for those with bladder issues or for those seeing a Harry Potter film. It tells you the best part of the movie to run outside for the bathroom or concession stand, how long you have to be gone, and what you will miss. Turn your phone’s brightness down and check it when you want.
  7. Factor in at least 13 minutes to start time for previews and theater announcements.

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