7 Times Grandparents Were The Funniest People On Your Facebook Newsfeed


Ah, grandparents. They bring so much joy into the world. Whether they’re telling you stories about the “good ol’ days,” accidentally sending you wildly inappropriate birthday cards or struggling to grasp Facebook etiquette, they really have a way of making the world a better place.

Need proof? Check out these ridiculous Facebook faux pas by our favorite family members.


They just want you to know you’re loved all the time, even when it’s absolutely unnecessary and probably a slightly inappropriate time to bring it up.


They don’t always pick up on internet social cues,¬†and you can’t decide if it’s hilarious or a little bit heart-warming.


Sometimes they really have no idea how Facebook works, and you know you should help them, but you’d miss seeing these posts.


They know all the hip lingo, but that doesn’t mean they plan to use ALL of it.


They’re there for all your existential crises, even when they don’t really know what to do (mostly because they don’t understand Facebook).


They’re always there to put your life in perspective, usually in the most awkward way possible.


And sometimes they’re INTENTIONALLY funny, which is even better.

Honestly, they’re the best thing that ever happened to the internet¬†and you can fight me if you don’t agree.