7 Things You Thought Would Be True In Your 20s


Remember what it was like to wish you were older? Think back to those early teenage years, past the awkwardness of it all – the knobby body, the braces, the embarrassing wardrobe – when all you wanted more than the world itself was to be older. Everything would be better when you were twenty. Or so you thought.

While growing up does have its glamour, it seems to have a lot more sweat, blood and tears involved along the way. Your twenties hardly seem like adulthood when you’re in them, let alone when you begin them. And all those daydreams you had when you were fourteen? Mmm…not so much.

Here are seven things you probably thought would have happened by now, but probably haven’t. If you’ve accomplished at least one thing on this list, props. As for the rest of us, it’s cool, there’s time yet.

1. You Would Be at the Top of Your Career

So you thought you’d be running Vogue by twenty-nine. Some lessons we learn the hard way. As it turns out, an undergraduate degree isn’t the only thing you need to be successful. Not to mention, are even sure you’re headed in the right direction? Political Science seemed liked the way to go in college, but it’s appearing a little less fertile out here in the actual job market. If you’re still working a minimum wage job or interning, don’t fret, your twenties are for figuring things out and most of us still are.

2. You Would Be Rich, Or at the Very Least, “Comfortable”

Twenty-five and making 70K+? Easy. Wait. Maybe not. Most entry-level jobs start in the 20K to 30K range, and that’s before taxes. And that’s if you can land a salaried position. Also, you thought you’d be out of debt by the time you were thirty? Ehhhhh, reality check. Money unfortunately doesn’t grow on trees, and it doesn’t just show up in twenty-something’s pockets. Damn. At least your expenses aren’t super high yet!

3. You Would Have an Amazing Home

Okay, so you’re still living with your roomies and picking up furniture from GoodWill. That’s cool. No, seriously, it is. You may not have an amazing loft with a balcony view of Manhattan, but that doesn’t mean your place doesn’t have character. An amazing couch doesn’t make for an amazing life. And do you really need a crystal chandelier? Didn’t think so.

4. You Would Be Living in the Perfect City

New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago…oh, the tiny, suburbia-driven town you’re living in doesn’t land on this list? We get it. Cities are expensive. Land is expensive. You’ll probably find yourself in a rent-controlled apartment somewhere in between during your twenties. At least you can still have the best of both worlds — it just takes a forty minute commute.

5. You Would Have Found the Love of Your Life

John was a jerk. And so was Jerry. Don’t worry, there are more guys around the corner, even ones whose names don’t start with J! Guys in their twenties aren’t the most mature  of specimens. That high school sweetheart turned out to be not so sweet, and that frat guy clearly had other things on his mind. Good thing there is the rest of the world to check out.

6. You Would Have a Child

What!? That mostly sounds insane now. Calm down, your eggs aren’t going to spoil for a long time. (Also, there’s this awesome thing called adoption.).

7. You Would Be 100% Happy All the Time

There aren’t many ways to put this. Actually, there are too many ways to put this. Without tears, there is no laughter. Without pain, there is no joy. Etcetera, etcetera. This will never change, and life will always have challenges. Learn to deal with them and enjoy what you’ve got. After all, you’re alive and breathing. That in itself is reason to celebrate.