7 Things No One Tells You About Having A One Night Stand


Various studies have found that a one-night-stand can be really good for you. Not that people needed a study to motivate them; in 2015 Adam & Eve found that 70% of Americans have had a one-night-stand, and the average number of one-night-stands is between two and five. In fact, 9% of people have had more than twenty one night stands.

Lots of people think that one night stands are fun, so long as they are safe and consensual. However, there are some things that people just don’t talk about after a one night stand.

From embarrassing moments to catching feelings, here are 7 things no one tells you about having a one night stand.

1. Awkward moments.

There are lots of awkward moments during one night stands – Is it time to start taking clothes off yet? Are we taking off each other’s clothes, or our own? Do I look at it? Why do I want to laugh? Why am I so nervous?!?

From normal jitters to drunkenly throwing up during sex, there are lots of possibilities for awkward, embarrassing moments. If they do happen, the best thing to do is laugh it off – and we totally understand if you don’t want to tell your friends about it.

2. Unsafe sex.

It is super important to practise safe sex, whether you’re having one night stands or you’re in a relationship. However, lots of people are guilty of having unsafe sex during a one night stand. Maybe you both forgot to bring a condom, or you were drunk and willing to take a risk. Most people don’t admit this to their friends as they want to avoid a long lecture. Make sure that you always use protection in the future!

3. Kinky sex.

One night stands can get pretty kinky, but most people keep this to themselves. From BDSM to spanking, a one night stand is a great opportunity to try out new things. However, sometimes kinky sex can be really bad – or hilarious. Normally this is a detail that people choose to leave out when they talk about their one night stands – although we’re sure that their friends would love to hear about it.

4. Falling for someone.

It’s called a one night stand for a reason; it’s supposed to be a one-time thing. However, sex can complicate things and result in someone catching feelings. This can be confusing and difficult, and often people keep these romantic feelings to themselves as they are not sure if they will see the other person again. These things happen – we are only human, but it can be tough to talk about it when you know you won’t see the person again.

5. Missing them.

Sometimes people end up missing their hookup. Maybe they made an emotional connection, or maybe it was just great sex. Either way, lots of people are surprised that they miss the person, and the feeling is very bittersweet.

6. The sex might be the best sex you ever have.

You never know how good the sex is going to be, and sometimes it is actually mind-blowingly amazing. There is something very exciting about sleeping with a total stranger, and it can be very liberating. It is a chance to let loose and have some fun – and some people are really surprised that they had such amazing sex with a total stranger.

7. It could also be the worst sex you ever have.

When you have a one-night-stand, you take a risk. It could be amazing – or it could be really, really, really bad. You can never know until you actually do it, but sometimes you’d rather forget about the sex than remember it. Hey – we’ve all been there.