7 Reasons Why It Can’t Be ‘Social Media’s Fault’


As a community of self proclaimed intellects, we often find ourselves having epiphanies where we ask relevant ego-driven questions that almost always place blame on someone else.

1. Social media is not a person. Humanizing social media but also viewing it as a statistic is counterproductive. Just like you can’t point your fingers at an entire race for one persons mistakes, you can’t blame an entire platform for your insecurities.

2. Social media is an outlet for communicating ideas and delivering content to an audience. Its existence has allowed writers, actors, photographers, etc, to be noticed for their art. What you choose to view depends primarily on your interests

3. An “insta model” is a porn star equivalent. Just like in the entertainment world, there are categories of stardom. You can be a Meryl Streep or you can be a Jenna Jameson. Both careers are essential but cater to our different needs. So scapegoating an entire platform based on a single entertainer doesn’t make a lot of sense. NOTE: This theory might not be applicable to all models on the internet, however beautiful genetics is generally a primary requirement. So substance is not guaranteed. With that being said, crying over why someone is prettier and physically better looking, is like crying if your neighbor wins the lottery. Your tears won’t make you richer and your jealousy wont make you prettier.

4. Money has always been a fundamental part of human existence. The concept of trading goods for finances has been around since before a track pad existed. For centuries people have found new ways to make money through different forums. Social media in the marketing world is like a shiny new car. It looks kind of different from the outside, and the inside has push-button technology, but it is just a tool used to get you from point A to B. Point A is the seller and point B is the consumer.

5. The bait in click is a representation of you. Without knowing what you want, the folks representing social media forums would not know how to sell something. What we see is sometimes just who we are.

6. Self-pity is a reflection of self-worth. The way you react to something is always a representation of how you feel towards an issue. If Arnold and Betty are engaged and you’re still sitting in your room binge-watching Sons Of Anarchy, its not Facebook’s fault for making you feel sad.

7. Its called a filter. In its literal sense, filters are tools used to remove impurities from liquids. In socials medias instance, filters are used to remove impurities from our faces. Don’t always believe what you see. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and words are known to have several interpretations and an interpretation is never a fact. So take everything with a grain of salt. Not everything you see is literal and not everything that is literal is often seen.