7 Reasons We’re Perfect For Each Other


We both aren’t ignorant to the fact that the circumstances by how we met can never be considered a romantic love story. I would have to admit that this is somewhat disappointing for me, considering that I’ve lived my entire life believing that I’m some princess in a fairytale that would meet a prince on a white stallion. Okay, maybe not a white stallion. Point is, I have always overemphasized my need for a grandiose romance like The Notebook or Titanic (without the part where the ship sinks).

We met because of an unsolicited game of Spin the Bottle. You were dared to choose a girl in the room that you were attracted to, and by some twist of fate, you chose me. This is how our little romance started. Actually, come to think about it, this isn’t even the very beginning of our story. We met because you were being housed by one of my classmates during an athletic competition which was hosted by our school. We had dinner, and you just happened to be there. We didn’t say a word to each other, except when I asked for your name. Out of all my past teenage affairs, this was probably the most boring beginning to my brand new fairytale. I had also met you during the worst possible time in my life: 10 weeks before graduation. I knew you were leaving the country after graduating, while I stayed here. Either way, it seemed like it was a relationship that was doomed to fail from the very beginning.

1. You’ve learned how to charm a girl and use pickup lines properly from years of practice.

Let’s face it. If we had met two years ago, like we might have, then we might not have clicked that easily. You would have just been an innocent boy back then that did not have an idea on how to pick up a girl.

2. I’ve developed a sense of humor since then.

Why did the chicken cross the road? I still don’t get it. I also don’t get why you think I’m the funniest and most adorable thing you’ve ever seen.

3. You’re actually taller than me now.

We look cute together now because of our short girl- tall guy height difference. 2 years ago, that would have been a completely different story.

4. Every second for us is precious and we are given an opportunity to learn something new about each other every day.

I’m not going to lie. From the minute I met you, I just wanted to know more. The awkward couple of hours of our first meeting would have been the perfect opportunity for us to truly meet: to talk, share interests, etc. We didn’t though. We didn’t have that long, captivating romantic chat on our first meeting. I didn’t know anything about you from the moment we kissed. I was left on a blind curve on a long drive, where I was completely unaware of what was about to hit me. Little by little, from the texts to the Facebook chats, even to the first couple of phone calls, we began to learn more about each other. That’s where the beauty surfaced. We were empty sheets of music for each other. Slowly, we were beginning to play out the notes as we told each other those little details that seem unimportant, but made all the difference. We knew nothing about each other, but the timing just made us more anxious to learn more in such a short span of time. We drew each other in more with every word.

It’s absolutely cliché, but time is really something that we’ve learned to maximize. I can bet that our infinite exchanges of “I Miss You”’s every second makes everyone around us hurl, but for us, it’s simply a way to make up for all those years that we missed not knowing , and a way for us to make the most of the last 10 weeks we have left together. The timing seems to suck. Actually, it does suck; however, because of it, we’ve learned to make the most out of the little times and moments. We always talk as if we’re cramped for time. I can’t see myself going through a day without talking to you, and so far, you’re the same way. We’re both on an amusing adrenaline rush that we’re both trying to appease. When you whispered “You’re Mine.” to me that day, I thought the whole world had stopped, but at the same time, it sped up uncontrollably. It’s both scary, and exciting.

5. We haven’t had any time to argue.

This comes hand in hand with my previous statement. We’re still in such an impeccable honeymoon phase that could possibly end with just that, but because of this, we spend more time wooing one another rather than arguing. We haven’t even had anything to argue about. Why is that? On my part, at least, I know better. From my last relationship, I realized that staying in that honeymoon phase isn’t such a bad idea, and that arguments aren’t always healthy for relationships as most people say.

6. We’ve both matured by now. (Or at least a little bit.)

You know my story, and I know yours. We were at a completely different stage in our lives back then, and we knew nothing. We still probably have no idea what we’re doing, but at least we’ve learned a couple of things from our last heartaches. I know better now than to drive you away. You know better than to wait forever and do nothing. I know better than to push you to the edge just to prove that you really have genuine feelings for me. I like you way too much to be stupid again to commit those same mistakes. Like you said to me before, all the things we went through happened for a reason. We were moulded by all those downfalls in order to become a better person, worthy to meet the other.

7. Everything happens for a reason, and we met at this time for a reason.

This is the perfect time, simply because that’s what fate had decided for us. Whether it had something to do with the fact that I was beginning to lose hope in guys, or the fact that you’ve gone through so much drama with the one girl that you thought was gonna make it all better for you, and that life decided to give either one of us a break, we met for a reason. The reason in itself holds so much ambiguity and I can’t quite put my finger in it. I do know one thing though: I haven’t felt this happy in a while. Without going back to the tragic story of how I got my heart broken, I can at least say that you were the one person who was able to bring my smile back. I could smile without having to summon all my courage to fake it every day. I could smile at the simplest things again. I could smile just thinking about you because you have that effect on me. Dramatics aside, for the longest time, I was looking for someone who could make me feel all those things; the things that I thought I could only feel with the last person I felt this strongly for. I don’t know about you, but for me, you were given as a blessing. You came into my life to teach me that someone can still make me feel that happy, and even greater. You made me realize that not all fairytales begin with a prince on a white stallion, but can come in a bus full of sweaty athletes. You made me realize that chemistry is a real thing, and that you can just get drawn into a person without any explanation. You made me realize that life really does give second chances, and that what you what can be taken away from you, because there is something greater and better in store for you. In my case, that was you.

You were the gift that was being saved for me for the right moment.

Whatever happens, if life decides to separate us again, I’ll always remember that at this point in my life, you arrived, and I will always be thankful for that. We were given our time together for a reason.

These are the reasons why I believe, from the very depths of my heart, that the imperfect moment by which we met, was actually the perfect moment after all.

Even though the clock ticks every second and we feel as though time is running out for both of us, we still haven’t given up. I used to think that romance was only something that time can develop. I still believe that. Now, though, I also know that in an instance, two people can just find their ways to each other and fit together like puzzle pieces: perfectly held in place and perfect for each other. Just like the perfect moment, we had to be treacherously moulded into the people we are today; the two people that were meant to connect on that night in the gazebo. We could have met two years ago, or one of us could have ended up where the other had been all along, but we didn’t. After a long wait and an excruciating process of cutting, grinding and polishing, I finally met you. I met the guy who actually thinks that my psychotic rants are adorable. I met the guy that texts me during a night out with his friends, and still tells me that it’s me he’s thinking about. I met the guy who made me feel like I could be comfortable in my own skin, mainly because in a sea of beauty, he only saw me that night. Until now, it’s only me he sees. Until now, it’s only him I see. I only see that guy who can make me smile with every message and every spontaneous phone call.

Lastly, I met the guy who made me realize that happiness can be given to me by one simple set of seven letters.