7 Reasons To Watch Crime Shows


1. Be less prone to attacks.

When watching crime shows, one learns to be more alert and on the look-out for certain specific events that normal civilians might not perceive as threatening. Crime shows often reveal real statistics and probabilities to educate their audience on how to prevent an attack.

2. Once under attack, know how to deal with your attacker.

Even FBI agents get attacked sometimes; how to make the best out of a bad situation? People who watch crime shows tend to have a different perception of a criminal or a murderer that those who are not familiar with the crime scene. After several episode of any given show of this kind, it’s rather apparent that criminals are only ordinary people gone bad and, as all other humans, they tend to have a soft spot and a set of beliefs – however perverted. Crime show lovers will act rather than react if ever found in a life-or-death situation.

3. Pay attention to detail.

If there’s one thing that all detectives have in common, it’s attention to detail. One thing you learn when watching crime fiction: the details always tell a story. It’s very easy to lie about the big things but people tend to forget aligning the details with their lies. After one or two seasons of your favorite crime show, you’ll find yourself noticing things you had never noticed before.

4. Look for telltales.

Another thing you learn while watching murder mysteries: everyone has a telltale sign. Most of the time, people will lie about they everyday life – whether they’re trying to cover up a murder or a secret date; these shows make you look beyond words and figure out whether or not people are lying.

5. Follow your instincts.

It’s far too common to question initial instincts. Most of the time, what our gut is trying to tell us happens to be the truth – or a part of the truth. While not exactly hard evidence, follow your hunches and try to corroborate them as you go along. Two plus two is almost always four!

6. Never make it personal.

Making things personal will almost guarantee you to lose. People will do what they do and go about as they go about with or without your approval. When trying to find out the truth, one has to attempt to empathize with the criminal and get into said person’s mindset rather than try to appeal to their conscience – a conscience that took them to an interrogation room for a reason. This can help you in your everyday life; nothing is ever about you, but rather, about the person in question.

7. Everyone has a story.

It’s  easy to imagine every person that commits a heinous crime as a soulless monster when, in reality, more often than not, there’s a reason – whether justifiable or not – to do what some people do. In these shows, one learns to empathize with criminals and realize that, while they started out like any other person, they often lived deeply disturbing childhoods or events and the only way to survive them was to mutate; they certainly can’t go around hurting people and must be locked up but having turned into killers is rarely their fault.