7 Reasons To Say ‘Thank U, Next’


Don’t settle. Here’s why.

1. You’re a bad bitch.

News flash: You’re a bad bitch that deserves more than just settling for any old relationship. You deserve the best of all worlds, not a half-assed half-relationship. And honestly, it’s so much more empowering being alone than it is staying in an unfulfilling relationship.

2. You deserve to find yourself.

If you haven’t found the one, more than likely it’s because you haven’t found yourself. We can only attract people that are as developed as we are. Find the best you there is, and without even looking, the best partner will come along too.

3. You deserve to find ‘the one.’

Not just someone to pass the time. Not the shitty ex that you go back and forth with. The one. The one that fulfills all the dreams you’ve had. The person that deserves to know your love, your awesomeness, and your not-so-funny-but-funny jokes. The one you don’t need to question ever.

 4. Fuck society’s timeline.

Everyone else’s timeline is just that—their timeline. So what if society pressures us to be married by a certain age? So what if everyone else is concerned with living a life on a schedule? Are we going to wither up and die if we aren’t married with a kid by the age of 35? No, babe. You’re not. For lack of better words, I say fuck it. Live for you. And live for the moment instead of a timeline.

5. TBH, single life is fun anyway.

Embrace the fact that in this moment, you only have you to focus on. You don’t need to waste your energy on anything that doesn’t deserve it. When the dude that proves he is worth your time and energy comes in, you’ll only have more appreciation for him. Don’t waste energy on guys that don’t contribute to your already happy life.

6. Your life is just beginning.

You have your whole life to be with someone. You have your whole life to wake up to someone and to adventure with someone. Enjoy the journey of learning to love yourself on your own.

7. Give yourself the credit you deserve.

It’s easy to settle. It’s easy to go back to what broke you, and it’s easy to settle for a mediocre relationship. What isn’t always easy is remembering that sometimes you have to wait. Sometimes the perfect love story we’ve dreamed of isn’t quite ready for us. Having faith in the process and believing that you’re just as amazing and whole on your own is brave. Give yourself credit for your bravery, because not everyone knows how awesome they are.

In the words of Ariana Grande:

“I know they say I move on too fast

But this one gon’ last

 ‘Cause her name is Ari

 And I’m so good with that”

So, go on and don’t settle until you find the absolute best. Go on living like the bad, Ari-inspired bitch you are. And kill it.