7 Reasons Strapless Bras Never Work For Girls With Big Boobs


1. Open back shirts.

Sure it’s cute for those of you barely filling an A-cup to throw on a top without thinking twice about the situation underneath, but for us busty ones it turns into a day full of fidgeting and then coming to terms with showing your bra to the world. At the end of the day I am sure each one of you has vowed to never put the god awful strapless bra back on again, but realistically the next time you go on a trip it’s one of the first things you pack, “just incase.”

2. Tube tops.

Only attempt a tube top if you are willing to have a day of constant pulling up and down on your back bra strap, not to mention the annoying, uncomfortable feeling you will have all day. (Trust me, not worth the battle ladies.)

3. Off-the-shoulder dresses and/or tops.

How, just HOW does one with a size 34D strapless bra first make this work and, second, make this cute enough to wear in public? It’s just not in the cards for us double D’s.

4. The “cute” strapless bra.

**If found please, please send to me**

You spot it on the display rack when you walk into Victoria’s Secret, you walk up to the drawers and open your size drawer only to find disappointment, in the forms of black and nude. But this can’t be! It is on display above this drawer, so you frantically start opening all the drawers above only to become more depressed because the little 32A girls get an assortment of every cute color and pattern imaginable. Back to the bottom drawer and to the grandma bras you go.

5. Bandeaus.

Forget even trying to find a bandeau to try and solve the problem of open-back shirts because even if you can find a bandeau that is big enough you can bet it won’t be the cute lacy one you had in mind. It will end up being one with which you have to actually wear a strapless bra underneath. And then finally, when you get that on, you realize that your bra is peeking out the bottom of the bandeau. Size D my ass.

6. High neck halter crop tops.

Sure they are cute and were all the rage this summer, but there isn’t even a hope in the world for us big tittie committee members. The way the shirt cuts up on the side makes it impossible to hide a D-Cup under that already tiny shirt. You can bet that, along with side boob, you’ll also be showing off your bra.

7. “Just borrow my sticky boobs!” is not feasible for us.

It’s every small-boobed friend’s solution to a tricky backed shirt or dress. And it’s a funny joke. Sweetheart, I would rather just stick on a couple Band-Aids.

Thank god we have almost made it through the summer and warm fall months of struggling to make that adorable outfit work. The months of fighting with crop tops, bandeaus, weird strapped shirts, and strapless bras are almost over. We are in the home stretch ladies; comfy sweater weather (and comfy bra weather) is almost here, time to put away the crop tops and bandeaus and keep your girls happy.