7 Reasons Nicolas Jaar Is Perfect


1. He Is An Incredibly Gifted Electronic Musician


Anyone who can perform a 5 hour, fully improvised set has got some serious chops. Nicolas Jaar’s 2011 debut record Space Is Only Noise is a beautiful exploration of minimal electronic music and was met with critical acclaim by basically everyone. Inspired by legendary Ricardo Villalobos among others, Jaar’s DJ sets are slower than you’d expect but the slowness leads to even deeper intensity. When you see him perform live, it’s amazing what he can do with technology — the DJ as a cut and paste artist, a remixer on the fly, a brilliant sampler. Jaar is one half of DARKSIDE, a new project with Dave Harrington and they just released their awesome debut Psychic, which you should be listening to right now.

2. Because He Looks Like This


3. And This


No words can adequately capture this degree of hotness. Those trees can’t even deal.

4. Because He Is Really Intelligent

Jaar graduated from Brown in 2012 where he studied Comparative literature! So he’s a hot guy who is a genius musician who happens to also read books. Is this even real?

5. Because He Stems From A Legit Artistic Lineage


Even though Jaar has made it as an artist and musician on his own terms and with his own undeniable talents, it’s worth mentioning that he comes from some serious artistic stock, his father being the famous conceptual artist Alfredo Jaar. You have to wonder what it’s like growing up surrounded by such massive cultural influence.

6. Because He Is Worldly


Jaar was born in New York City but moved to Chile at the age of two and then back to New York after six years there. That worldliness coupled with his deep artistic lineage must give him a lot of creative inspiration, and I would say that his exposure to all sorts of cultural contexts gets reflected back in the music itself.

7. He Has Awesome Style And Looks Amazing In A Leather Jacket


He is the total package, obviously.