7 People Everyone Who Tries Tinder Will Meet At Least Once


1. The one that got away.

It starts out with great conversation. You have tons in common, talk several days in a row and really hope it goes somewhere. Then they disappear. The messages become few and far between and you never even get to exchange numbers before you’ve been ghosted entirely. You resort to checking their activity and wondering about the things the two of you never became.

2. The one that stands you up.

You sheepishly agree to meet this person for a date. You arrive a bit early so you don’t have to be the one searching for a face that resembles the one from their photos and shoot them a quick text letting them know you’ve arrived. You drink your first vodka soda on your own with no response. While contemplating ordering a second, you realize they stood you up. Luckily it’s only a Tuesday so people probably just assume you are grabbing a quick drink after work, right?

3. The sensitive type.

This one may be worse than being ghosted or committing the ghosting yourself. They pester you with question marks and repeated messages when you don’t reply. They clearly cannot take a hint and villainize you for it. If they don’t unmatch you they attempt to verbally assault you and just support whatever reason you had for not responding in the first place.

4. The one-liner king.

They break the ice by a cute (or cheesy) pick up line. Sometimes, it comes off clever and others just plain lazy and insincere. More times that not, they aren’t really sure how to continue a conversation past you humoring their one-liner which makes it even more obnoxious.

5. The playboy.

The stereotypical Tinder user. They include “not looking for anything serious” or “searching for my Tinderella” in their bio and usually start a conversation with a sexual innuendo or flat out explicit statements. If you are into that, cool. More power to them for having zero shame about their intentions but people who actually want something long-term are not a fan.

6. The person you know.

Everyone has stumbled across that one person from high school or that random you had a huge crush on one semester in college and you swipe right just to see if they did the same for you. Then, you either dive right into the nostalgia or play dumb to see whether or not they recognize you as well. Sometimes, it is great to reconnect but usually it just makes you realize why you never started dating way back when.

7. The diamond in the rough.

You swoon as soon as soon as their picture pops up during a hard core swiping session and you get hooked after reading their bio. Immediately you swipe and it is an instant match. Could this be real?! You have a bit of easy conversation before exchanging numbers and texting non-stop for the next four days and planning your first date. You feel like you have known them for years hope your new crush leads to something real. They are the reason you downloaded the app and hopefully they will be the reason you can delete it. Just keep swiping, letting your friends set you up and chatting up that cutie at the coffee shop – sooner or later you’ll find your diamond in the rough.