7 Of The Best Things To Do After Hearing “No”


Let’s all come together and acknowledge that life, in fact, is difficult. It’s not a straight shot, and there’s certainly enough twists and turns that would make anyone dizzy. Rejection or the word “no” are definitely guilty of a few of them. However, when one takes a moment to realize that rejection doesn’t hold any real power, accompanied by a few tips and tricks set in motion, those twists will start to smooth themselves out.

Breathe Out

It may feel great to blow off steam right then and there, but there’s nothing worse than reacting in the moment, especially if it’s in front of a boss. Things may be said that can’t be taken back or forgotten, which may lead to something worse down the line. The best thing to do is breathe out the sting the same way one may do when they get a shot. It’s less painful and will bring one back to center.

Find the “No”

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned in the past year, it’s that rejections are inevitable, no matter the type of situation. So instead of dreading their knock on the door, open the door wide for them. Each “no” is closer to a “yes”, so by expecting them, seeing the “yes” finally pop up will be that much sweeter.

Look at the Reasoning Critically

Surprisingly, “no” can be a great way to learn more about oneself and be able to improve. That saying “no one is perfect” can’t be truer. Therefore, look at the greater reasoning behind it. For example, if a college application wasn’t accepted, look at the possibility for a mistake or a weak link. Did the application have any missing information, or did the accompanying essay have a few grammar errors? There’s always room for growth.  

Move Forward

Rejection is not a stop sign, but so many of us have come to find it pretty debilitating, especially in today’s world where we have the ability to see every other success story with the tap of a button. The objective is to keep moving because one can’t get anywhere at a standstill.

Keep a Positive Outlook

It’s hard to stay positive when there are several rejections all flying in the same direction, and some may even come with a harsh delivery. It’s easy to then question talents, qualifications and even character. Although, by letting the rejections flow through instead of allowing them to get stuck, it makes it much easier to keep that same amount of positive energy.

Understand that it’s Not Forever

Here’s a fun fact. Not one successful person today has ever concluded their life with a “no”. It’s not something that lasts forever, and it’s YOU, the person that has complete control over it.

Embrace it

With all that being said, “no” with all of its negative connotations and upsets can actually be a great tool for someone striving for more. So, embrace it because life can’t really go on without the tiny two-letter word. Who knew?