7 Little Ways Your Pet Makes Your Life Infinitely Better


Animals are often more likable than human beings so obviously, a national pets day has to exist to celebrate all our lovable furry creatures. Growing up, I always wanted a puppy but my parents always claimed “I was too irresponsible” or that “we were too busy” (they honestly were probably right, but still…). However, they let me have fish and let’s just say – I could have had an aquarium with the amount of fish I guilted my parents into buying me.

Whether it’s a fish, cat, or dog – having a pet is the absolute best. If you were lucky enough to grow up with a pet or own one currently, please be sure to smother them with hugs from the rest of us. If you need more convincing to get a pet on your own or convince your family to have one, here are seven reasons why you need to become a pet owner:

1. Animals are loyal AF.

No worries about cheating or backstabbing. You know that they’ll always be there when you come home and will always be ready to cuddle with no complaints. They may get angry at you but you don’t have to worry about resolving it or losing them because, at the end, they’ll stick around.

2. You can rant and complain to your heart’s desire to them.

Sometimes, you just need a ‘Yes Man’ person in your life – not someone who tells you to calm down or to stop acting irrational and your pet could be that person for you. Are your friends sick of hearing about your 100th break up with the man they keep telling you to leave? Do you just want to rant about your work or friends without fear that it’ll get back to someone else? Enter your pet who has no choice but to listen to you.

3. There’s a potential for an epic love story.

Imagine it now – you have to take the dog out for a walk and you casually run into someone because your dog was chasing their dog. EPIC LOVE STORY. Also if your pets casually hiss or bark at your potential love, that could also be a sign.

4. Having pets will motivate you to make a positive change in your life.

Whether it’s taking the dog on a walk to bring some exercise to your life or remembering to feed the fish or birds to make you more responsible – a pet can only bring positive changes in your life. If you’re a hot mess like most young adults, a pet could be the perfect thing to bring some balance in your life. If this is the case, please start off with a low-key animal such as a bird or a fish.

5. They can help with any anxiety or stress you may be facing.

Stressed out? feeling anxious? upset? Take a few minutes and watch your pet or cuddle with them if they’re a cuddly pet. Having a pet gives you someone that is always around and this can come in handy if you’re stressed and no one is around. Did you know that the mere presence of a pet helps you relax? They reduce your heart beat rate and lower your blood pressure.

6. All animals make people happy.

Don’t you always smile when you see a pet? Doesn’t your baby voice explode loudly naturally? That’s because animals will always put you in a good mood! Even the rudest person can’t deny a cute puppy. If you need some calmness in your life or a good mood booster, adopt a pet!

7. They can improve your health.

On the real – having a pet can honestly improve your health. It has been studied that having a pet can prevent allergies or increase immunity to them, prevents strokes, and lowers cholesterol in addition to many other health benefits. So really… you’re only doing yourself a favor by having a pet and prolonging your life.

The world would be a sad place without animals and thankfully, we will never have to know what a world without animals would be like. On this day, be sure to love your pets and appreciate each animal you encounter because, without them, we might all be a more stressed and life is already stressful enough. As you can see, there are literally no negative sides of having a pet. Sure, it might be hard sometimes and they may drive you crazy but the pros definitely outweigh the cons in this situation.