7 Little Things About Life You’re Forgetting To Appreciate


1. Smiles

Whether there’s a reason behind it all or it was just something that happened unconsciously, I hope you learn to appreciate the beauty behind them. The moment when joy fills you and you can’t seem to control your facial expressions and there it is a beautiful smile that is exchanged with others in a quick motion. Happiness is filling up your face and others can see it.

2. The Sky

Maybe there’s a beautiful sunset or you wake up, early and get the chance to admire the sunrise. Stars that light your way through the night or rain that falls down and somehow cries with you and washes away the pain. Appreciate the wonders that the sky has for you, with each ray of sun peeking through your window every morning you get the chance to start fresh and remember it’s a new day. Sunsets give us closure in such a colorful and precious way. No matter what happens, every day you see something different, and this is a way of showing you that change is good and it can happen without a problem.

3. Laughing Out Loud

Perhaps your friend told a very funny joke, or your partner tickled you so much that now you find yourself laughing so hard while everyone wonders what made you react in such way. Enjoy the way you feel when laughter fills your body with joy because sometimes life deserves the best laughs. Simply let go of the things that went wrong and live the moment, laugh until you feel good again.

4. Eye Contact

Among many individuals you find yourself being tied to someone else while looking at each other in the eyes. In a crowded room and a single moment, we’re sharing intimacy, fear, love, confusion or excitement. Eye contact is so powerful and can be felt within, just look for a minute or two and admire the beauty of it all.

5. Silence

There are moments when we find ourselves in a lonely place that becomes so silent we can almost hear our thoughts. I encourage you to appreciate that silence and the loneliness that comes with it. In a world that is constantly moving, full of noises, a place where finding peace of mind seems hard, seek silence and embrace the joy of hearing no one else, but yourself. Turn everything off, escape from reality, stay still, quiet, and you’ll learn to listen to what you need first.

6. Any Type Of Affection

A tight hug, the warmth of hand-holding, the sweetness of a kiss, when everything seems to be missing, but the touch of someone else reminds you there’s always affection. How we all crave the same feeling; to be loved, to be heard, to be felt by someone who shows you there are no differences among individuals and what we all need.

7. Fresh Morning Air

Mornings seem to have a different feeling, they feel like a new beginning. The sense of silence, when the world is still waiting to come to life, we feel fresh, we feel light weighted and tranquil. The freshness of a morning which invites us to be everything we want, to be thankful and to celebrate that we’re here at this moment living life.