7 Facts That’ll Let You Get Inside The Head Of A Guy And Hack Your Dating Life


A woman’s love is incomparable. Nothing on the planet can compare to the profound emotions that a woman holds in her heart. It’s pure, compassionate, nurturing and unconditional. She will give the best and cross oceans for her man.

But when it comes to handling relationships, men have an entirely different approach. It’s because men are not wired like women and if you are one of those who face tough times dealing with your love life, learn to rule your relationship differently. The mantra is: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.

Do you wish to be loved forever? As aforementioned, start dating more like a man to pave a way deep down to his heart. And we have valid reasons why you should do so.

1. Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Heard that, right? It’s somewhat true! Due to fundamental psychological differences, the brains of men function differently from that of women. Men don’t complicate things by thinking too much over an issue. They don’t search for reasons or deeper meanings. There’s no ‘WHY’ in things.

2. The “Language” of Men

Men hardly understand signals. They want you to speak. They need you to be upfront. They would hate to stay up all night wondering what your glance, smile or silence meant. Therefore, Speak Up and keep things clear- not confusing.

3. Being Obvious

Stop playing coy. Start talking to men to know them better. Smile often. That is one sure shot way to attract more men than you actually do. Take a little more responsibility of your love life and you are sure to set things on fire! Besides, there are various gifts for men to speak your heart out. Use these gifting ideas and keep your feelings clear.

4. Men Aren’t What You Think They Are

Quite a lot of times, men are not thinking the way you assume they are. So, stop anticipating a man’s reaction. Men feel glad when you make things obvious rather than assuming what’s going inside their heads and creating your own set of stories.

5. Worrying Obsessively

Men don’t.

While women have their antennae up all the time and in all situations, men react only if the situation needs concrete action. So the next time you plan to fixate a situation or a tiff, ask yourself if it really needs attention. If the answer is yes, take the steps. If the answer is no, you should learn to look past your overblown concern.

6. Logic vs. Emotions

Women tend to give too much, too soon. With men it’s different. They use logic whereas you use your emotions to guide your actions. Man up and don’t disregard truth for the sake of momentary happiness. Think from your heart but let the final decision be made by the brain.

7. Putting Yourself First

Men have no issues putting themselves first. They have their priorities set and sorted. A woman’s life, on the other hand, revolves around her man. Make sure you don’t give a backseat to what needs your attention in life. Stabilize things like a man does and keep everything in balance.

Therefore, if you want the much desired attention and love, take a man’s seat and work accordingly. Don’t fear approaching men. Don’t let your coyness rule you. It’s time you take steps and improve your dating life with these insights into a man’s mind.