7 Easy Steps To Turn Into A Pro In The Bedroom


What makes you a great lover? Is it being able to do the “snake in the monkey shadow” position?  Is it your height or weight or the way you twerk in the club? Err… Not really (if you can pull that position off though, you must be the real MVP).

Moving on, being good in bed is not all about the style you can pull off or your physical attributes, it’s actually pretty basic things. Basic and easy.

So if you want to totally knock out in the bedroom, follow these steps.

1. Pay attention

Be observant and aware. Find out what makes him tick and DO it. If you have to ask, ask. But basically, pay attention and gauge how he reacts to your touch and kisses and please him.

2. Be open, talk to him

He’s obviously not a mind reader – except if you’ve got yourself a vampire with super powers. You’ll become a better lover when you open up, ask him what he likes and tell him what he did right. If he’s doing nothing right, tell him nicely of course. That way you can both pleasure yourselves better.

3. Be excited

We all want to be wanted, right? Guys love it when you make them feel wanted, tell them by your words or actions that you really love being with him. Don’t wait for him to initiate sex all the time, make the first move, seduce him.

4. Be spontaneous

Frigid people are the least fun. Sex doesn’t really have to be only in the bedroom with the lights off. It can be so much more fun when it isn’t planned. Learn to go with the flow. It can happen on the kitchen floor. Don’t turn sex into a chore.

5. Find the fun

Laughing makes everything easier. If something didn’t work out in bed, laugh it off. Learn to laugh off all the awkwardness that often comes with sex. Don’t let the tension pile up.

6. Don’t overthink things

Like I said before, you do not have to master all the art of Kama sutra to be a pro. Sometimes, the good man on top position works just fine. Because a friend said her boyfriend could flip her round and it gave her maximum satisfaction doesn’t mean it has to happen for you too. Don’t let hear-say affect you, the best things are often easy.

7. Away with the insecurity

Face it, you’re not Kim Kardashian, you might think your body isn’t perfect but guys don’t care, he probably either doesn’t care or really likes you. Or he’s just pretty psyched he’s getting some. We are our own biggest critics, no one looks at our body like we do. So don’t recruit him and start making him see all your flaws. Be confident naked, love yourself. Learn to be yourself and everything in the bedroom will get way easier.