7 Books About Love That Will Warm Your Heart This Valentine’s Day


Are you getting ready for the holiday of love? You may have plans with your sweetheart or be looking forward to a lively night with your friends — let’s hear it for Galentine’s Day. If you don’t have a romance novel ready to go though, your Valentine’s Day preparations aren’t over yet.

Love isn’t something you can quickly figure out, but you can get a little help from fictional romances — they provide more insight than you’d think. Young Adult (YA) books can remind you of your favorite feelings of butterflies around that special person and offer a perspective you can relate to. They also allow you to live out a once-in-a-lifetime romance no matter your relationship status. Check out these seven books about love this Valentine’s Day to make the most of the lovey-dovey vibe.

1. The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore

If you were wild about Romeo and Juliet in high school, here’s another star-crossed love for you to get into. Except these feuding families are more unique, as one is a clan of mermaid performers and the other is a group of feathery tightrope walkers. You can root for Lace and Cluck as they defy their families’ expectations and follow their hearts. And with touch between the families forbidden, this will have you on the edge of your seat.

2. Paper Towns by John Green

Have you ever crushed on someone from a distance? Then you may know that once you get to know that person, they can be pretty different from what you imagined. In this novel, Quentin has a similar experience with Margo, his long-time but far-off love, but intrigue and revenge surface when he gets closer to her. It’s a romance story filled with suspense plus the satisfying wittiness of John Green.

3. Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger

You’ve come to realize that appearances aren’t what they seem. It’s no secret that the most put-together people are more complex. And in this steampunk novel, young women are more than polite ladies. They’re training in the art of espionage and channeling their strength. But during this front, there’s also a blossoming romance between Sophronia and an onboard worker that you can track through the rest of The Finishing School series. Settle in with a magical YA novel to explore a world of fantasy this Valentine’s Day.

4. Wanderlost by Jen Malone

When you’re itching for another trek across Europe, all you need to do is grab this thrilling read. Although you might not identify with a main character content staying in their hometown, you’ll start to relate to her when her plans go awry. In this book, in an unfamiliar and dreamy setting, a flirtation transforms into a promising relationship.

5. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

We all think things we wouldn’t say out loud. But what if your personal feelings were shared with people from your past? Well, prepare to cringe as these embarrassing events turn Lara Jean’s life upside down. You can be inspired to stop imagining the possibilities of your love life and start taking risks with Jenny Han’s charming novel.

6. The Lost and Found by Katrina Leno

For the type of people who lose their keys between their car and their apartment, you’re not alone. Plenty of us misplace things as soon as we get them. A tendency to lose items is what draws two people together over the internet in this book, but finding each other is at the heart of Katrina Leno’s rich romance.

7. Love Fortunes and Other Disasters by Kimberly Karalius

Wouldn’t it be simple if someone could tell you who you’d end up with? Or at least give you a hint? In the fictional town in this novel, lasting love is predicted without fail, so couples’ romantic lives are easy. But when one girl is told she’ll never find someone, she puts the age-old system in jeopardy with her rebellion. Fall in love with this story that refuses to let fate dictate happiness.

Bonus: Read a Thrilling Romance This Holiday

For extra romance this Valentine’s Day, pick up a YA book to get a new perspective on love. The challenges of love that you face as a young adult might be overwhelming, but the fact that others also experience setbacks, heartbreak and surprises can encourage you. Follow characters you can relate to as they conquer the struggles of new relationships — and remember to enjoy the holiday of love.