62 Little Signs That You’re Exactly Where You’re Supposed To Be Right Now


1. You are here.

2. You have experienced failure.

3. You know this is not the end.

4. You have an underlying sense that tells you that you are okay.

5. You still dream.

6. You don’t wait around for a life-changing opportunity.

7. You are rarely comfortable.

8. You make new mistakes.

9. You are kinder to yourself nowadays.

10. You communicate better with others.

11. You say sorry when you mean it.

12. You try.

13. You are being stretched where you are.

14. You are more relaxed even when things don’t go your way.

15. You anticipate things not going according to plan.

16. You do the little things because you know that they matter.

17. You pay better attention.

18. You can identify your growth opportunity areas.

19. You understand that you cannot always have fun.

20. You can see how you have progressed.

21. You can see the bigger picture.

22. You take criticism better.

23. You look forward to tomorrow.

24. You aren’t always happy.

25. You see possibilities.

26. You don’t run from hard or mundane.

27. You can laugh at yourself.

28. You don’t take things as seriously as you used to.

29. You don’t run to your parents for money every time you want to do something different.

30. You are more realistic.

31. You are more patient.

32. You ask for help.

33. You have fewer friends, but they are truer.

34. You are intentional with the people in your life.

35. You don’t envy people in your life.

36. You are more confident about the person that you are/are becoming.

37. You are present.

38. You pay attention to context.

39. You can learn from your past.

40. You know you aren’t in a race or missing out.

41. You are more confident.

42. You value and honor your parents and their sacrifices.

43. You don’t always agree with authority, but you appreciate them more.

44. You are motivated by your dreams.

45. You genuinely work hard.

46. You let yourself love people.

47. You let yourself be loved.

48. You are more honest and vulnerable.

49. You don’t apologize for who you are.

50. You believe you can be and do more.

51. You laugh more often.

52. You don’t put others down; instead, you help them along.

53. You don’t tear yourself apart.

54. You are not afraid to try.

55. You challenge yourself.

56. You take your personal goals seriously.

57. You risk it.

58. You own all of your truth.

59. You are proud of who you are becoming.

60. You keep taking baby steps forward.

61. You are consistent and forgive yourself when you are not.

62. You keep on rooting for yourself.