60 Newlywed Styled Questions To Put Your Relationship To The Test


Write down your answers to these questions and see if your partner can match them!

1. What phrase does your partner use all the time?

2. What was the first movie that you two saw together?

3. What was the name of your partner’s first pet?

4. What song always makes your partner think of you?

5. What item of clothing does your partner love to see you wearing?

6. What was your partner’s best subject in high school?

7. What was the best vacation that you two ever took together?

8. What’s the most annoying thing that your partner does on road trips?

9. Which sex position does your partner enjoy the most?

10. Which family member is your partner closest to?

11. Which part of your partner’s body would they like to get pierced?

12. Where was the first place that you two ever had sex?

13. What did your partner want to be when they were little?

14. How many books does your partner own?

15. Which celebrity would your partner leave you for?

16. What is the best gift that you’ve ever given your partner?

17. What do you two argue about the most?

18. What does your partner spend the most time complaining about?

19. What is your partner’s least favorite chore?

20. What is on your partner’s bucket list?

21. If you could throw out one piece of your partner’s clothing, what would it be?

22. What is your partner’s favorite quote?

23. How many rooms of the house have you two had sex in?

24. When is your partner’s favorite day of the year?

25. If your partner could teleport to anyplace in the world, where would they go?

26. How long does the perfect round of sex last?

27. What’s your partner’s all-time favorite book?

28. What is your partner’s spirit animal?

29. What is your partner’s favorite animated film?

30. What is your partner’s first memory of childhood?

31. When was the last time that your partner cried?

32. What is your partner’s signature clothing item?

33. When did your partner first realize they were in love with you?

34. What three wishes would your partner ask a genie to grant them?

35. What’s your partner’s best personality trait?

36. What age did your partner lose their virginity?

37. What celebrity would your partner want to trade places with?

38. If your partner could live anywhere, where would it be?

39. What’s your partner’s go-to drink when they visit the bar?

40. Which friend of yours does your partner find attractive?

41. What curse word does your partner use the most?

42. What candy would you buy your partner from the drug store?

43. What is your partner obsessed with?

44. What does your partner do in their sleep?

45. What does your partner talk about whenever there’s a lull in conversation?

46. What’s your partner’s best physical feature?

47. What skill does your partner wish they had?

48. Where is the riskiest place you two have ever had sex?

49. How often does your partner masturbate?

50. What’s your partner’s favorite date spot?

51. What movie could your partner watch one hundred times?

52. How many children does your partner want?

53. What does your partner’s ideal day consist of?

54. Has your partner ever done anything illegal?

55. How many beers does it take for your partner to get drunk?

56. What would your partner name a new pet?

57. What did your partner’s parents think of you when you first met?

58. What is your partner’s biggest fear in life?

59. What’s your partner’s favorite flavor of ice cream?

60. Who said, “I love you” first?