6 Ways To Stop Waiting For ‘Prince Charming’ And Become The Hero Of Your Own Story


It is 3 AM, I’m sitting in a close corner of my room, pondering over all such broken times, of all the promises that now are just a faint memory, of all those forevers I’ve outlived. And there are thousand others like me, wondering the same thing in different lonely corners of the world, waiting for someone to pull them out of that darkness. But WHY?

Since the beginning of our lives we are spoon fed with the idea of another person coming into our life to save us from the evils, to make out distant dreams come true, to take us to a never ending journey.

Be it in those fairytales that we are made to read as little girls, that idea of a damsel in distress saved by the mighty prince or the world of unicorns and chocolate islands.

But why wait for a prince when you can save yourself, why wait for a miracle to visit the unicorn island, if you yourself can drive up there?

Here are six reasons why you should never wait for a hero but actually be one:

1. These dreams are MY dreams

No one in this entire universe can love your dreams they way you love them. After all it’s you who have nurtured them each night, it’s you who wish them to be fulfilled and the dedication to make them happen that you can show would be so many manifolds more than other people. So wake up, take the first step and go get your dream!

2. Standing up for my rights is my duty

If you feel someone’s gonna come and hand you over all that you deserve without you putting in any effort, that’s not going to happen. If you yourself stand up for your rights today, learn to say no when needed, grab the right opportunity at the right time, then only you can expect miracles to happen because you will design your own miracle.

3. The satisfaction of doing it all on your own

Yes, now that is something each one of us should experience in life, make it happen and then you’ll know how wonderful it is to have this feeling.

4. People leave, the determination to follow your heart stays forever

Didn’t you know, once this determination enters your world, there is no looking back, it’s that addictive. And obviously everything and everyone in this world is temporary, except your will and pizza maybe!

5. Working and achieving is far better than waiting

Waiting for everything to happen on its own is just another excuse for not working hard, stand up, work for it and achieve all you dream of!

6. Being the damsel that can handle her own distress

Yes, I may be a damsel fighting her distress but I’ve learned to handle it on my own and you should too, enough said.

Ladies, let’s teach little girls to not wait for a hero but make themselves and their lives the actual hero of the story, let’s be the women who follow these words and create their own magic because we are complete all on our own, right?