6 Ways To Guarantee You’ll Be The Bad Friend That Everyone Hates


Helen Keller once said, “It is better to walk with a friend in dark than to walk alone in the light.”

I say, “It is better to sit in the corner of your room and cry about not having a friend than to spend your life with a bad friend.”

I did an extensive study of my past, of my high school days, and recollected every moment when I discerned a bad friend or when I acted like one.

Here are some ways to become a bad friend.

1. Gossip about them in their absence.

To carry out this step, you’d require to have other people in your life, whom you talk to, other than your friend. Whenever you get to catch up with another person, talk shit about your friend, or if you can’t do that then whenever you find someone talking shit about your friend, don’t stop them rather engage with them in the conversation. You can it take it to an another level, let’s say you are friends with A and you are friends with B, what you can do is talk shit about A to B and talk shit about B to A. To take it to a whole new level, whenever either of them is angry with the other one, act like a petrol and ignite a conflagration.

2. Steal away their partner.

Do you fancy their girlfriend/boyfriend? Why not try and steal them? Of course, this may not always work because the level of understanding between them might be higher than that between you and your friend, but you can still try and shatter their heart to the ground and smirch their faith that in friendship. Again, you can take it to another level by never even letting out your vile intentions to them. Still not satisfied? The one thing that can really nail it is if you could make their partner involved in the plan, then I promise you that you’d have shattered their heart them beyond repair.

3. Steal away their crush without their consent.

Your friend must be trying to ask a girl/boy out for a long time now. You know that, they talk about it every day to you, they share their plans with you, and seek your advice on it. If you are not okay with the second point, then this is perfect for you.


They are not in a relationship yet. Relax.

He trusts that out of all the people in the world, you’d be the last person to date their love because you know just how much they are madly in love with that girl/boy.

I was on the receiving end of it, so I know that it works like wonder. I was the last one to know about it. Can you imagine? How stupid it was to discuss my plans, with my friend, to win her, when he had already started started dating her.

4. Always talk about your problems.

This step works better if you have a best friend. Here is how you do it, whenever you get to meet them, always talk about your problems and then disappear into your happy life. Never really inquire about their life or don’t care much to know about their problems. It’s not that you don’t care about them, but you are preoccupied with your life and if they have any problems they’d come forward and talk about it, right?

5. Become a drama queen.

All of all the points that I’ve mentioned until now, in three cases I’ve been on the receiving end of it, but I too have been a bad friend, I’m still paying the price for it. Cut short to the point, always try to create a drama. Never ever try to act normally, everything that you say, and do must reek of drama, pushing the friend to the edge, culminating to a fight, then create a drama regarding the fight that would lead to another fight, then create another drama.

Eventually you’d become so habitual that the magic would be gone and every time you’d open your mouth, a castigation would break out. You’d completely forget when was the last time that you two talked normally, without trying to put each other down.

6. Become the rotten apple.

You must have heard the words of wisdom, which may or may not be right, that a fresh apple when kept among rotten apples, turns into a rotten apple. I personally won’t agree to it, but it is your chance to prove these words right, be the rotten apple, drag your friend down to the levels of a sick life. If you do drugs, encourage them to do the same, if you indulge in idle activities then drag them into those activities.

If you live a negative life, then induce that negativity into them. You don’t believe in your dreams, so don’t let them believe in their dreams. Bring them back to the reality every time they let their thoughts go wild and start making plans to venture into the unknown.

A best friend brings out the best in you. A bad friend brings forth the worst in you.