6 Travel Tips To Make Packing So Much Easier For Your Next Big Adventure


Do you dream of being a better more organized packer? Of packing, faster and more efficiently?

Having a travel shelf is one way to make packing faster and easier! No more running around like a chicken without a head trying to find your cables and adapters. No more last minute panic as you scramble around trying to find your passport. No more getting on a plane and realizing you forgot your earphones or sleep mask. No more waking up in the middle of the night because of a snoring hostel roommate and realizing you forgot your earplugs. Sounds great, right? If you’ve ever had to pack for a trip, then you know what a hassle packing can be. You need a travel shelf.

What on earth is a travel shelf? It’s simply a place in your home where you can store and arrange your travel items.

Your packing shelf doesn’t have to be a shelf. It can be a drawer, a cupboard, or a closet. Doesn’t matter. The point is to keep all your travel necessities together and ready for your next trip. Having a space devoted to your travel necessities helps make packing faster and easier. Imagine – all the stuff you need ready to go and in one place. There are certain things that you will need on almost any trip. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have these things packed ahead of time. Having all your travel essentials in one spot is great.

Toiletry Bags

I work part time doing freelance marketing for a company that makes travel bags. One of the most popular items is their toiletry bag. The most common comment I get about them is how they make packing faster and easier for people. It works because people will keep a set of their toiletries in the bags. This way, all their toiletries are already packed for their next trip. One less thing to pack – and worry about – before a trip! Toiletry bags are also great because they stop any spills from going into your suitcase. You can also hang them up when you have limited counter space. While gathering your travel essentials, pack your toiletries separately in a toiletry bag. Then put the toiletry bag on your travel shelve with your other travel essentials.

Packing Cubes

In addition to toiletry bags, packing cubes are also a great way to keep organized. Keep similar travel items together and organized by using packing cubes. You can use each bag to store something different. They are a great alternative to just throwing everything loose into a suitcase or bag.

Travel Purse

Keep a purse or backpack in your travel space that you use only for traveling. This way you can have all your travel essentials already packed ahead of time. Keep things in there that are important to have but easy to forget. An extra pair of earphones, pens and a notepad, an inflatable pillow, tissues, and chewing gum. This will cut down on your packing time. As a result of having a pre-packed travel bag, you won’t have to spend time cleaning out another purse or bag that is currently in use.

Health and Wellness Kit

Finally, don’t forget to include a health and wellness kit. Buying medicines in a foreign country is no fun. It can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if the labels are in another language! You should bring your own medicine with you. Make sure a health and wellness kit is part of your travel shelf.

Packing Faster– Don’t Forget to Check Expiration Dates!

Another thing to keep in mind is expiration dates. If you don’t travel often then make sure that you review the items in your travel space two weeks before a trip. Check the end dates to make sure that nothing has expired. Certain makeup and medicines can expire. You don’t want something to expire while you’re traveling. Therefore, make sure that you remember to check these dates if you don’t use the items on a regular basis.

Pimping Out Your Travel Shelf

Finally, have fun with your travel shelf! There’s another advantage of a travel shelf besides making packing faster and easier. Add pictures of places you want to go, pictures of your favorite travel memories, or pictures of your favorite travel quotes. When you walk by your pimped-out travel shelf wanderlust will fill you for your next adventure! Having many of your things packed and ready to go will make you feel like you next trip is right around the corner!