6 Times Your Server Wanted To Curse You Off But Couldn’t


I’ve always said that in life, it should be a requirement for everyone to be in the service (even if it’s only for a day). No, I’m not talking about armed forces type of service, I’m talking food and beverage industry. “Why?” you may ask. Unless you have served, you don’t understand how ignorant you’re actually being when you go out to eat (or drink.) If you are in the industry, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you’re not, well, there’s a high likeliness that at some point in your life, your server wanted to curse you off, but couldn’t.

1. When you ordered a round of waters for everyone at your table.

More than 90% of the time, you order a “round of water” for everyone; everyone besides you left their full glasses for the server to clean up when they left. If you would like a glass of water, I will be happy to assist you, but please do not assume that everyone else at the table would like a glass as well.

2. When I introduced myself and asked you how you were and you responded with “can I get a [insert drink of choice]?”

In school, and hopefully in most cases at home, we were taught to respond to “how are you?” with “I’m great and how are you?” So I will ask you again, “HOW ARE YOU?” and this time I am definitely expecting you to answer differently.

3. When you waved your hands, or said “Yo! Waitress girl” (or “waiter dude” in some cases) or anything other than my name.

There is a reason why I introduce myself when you sit down to eat; so that you can remember my name and address me by it. Waving your hands like a baboon trying to catch a banana only makes you look pathetic. There is NOTHING that is important enough for you to need that you can’t wait until I come back around to your table for you to ask. Just because you’re paying, you should not feel that you can say whatever you want or act however you want. Which leads me to my next point….

4. When you hit on me as I’m trying to serve you.

Half the time, you get pleasant people who get to know you and request for your service. The other half of the time, you’re dealing with people who act like they’ve never stepped out of the house before. “Hey sexy did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you are?” Actually, yes, the other asshole who was in here just before. You’re not doing yourself a favor by hitting on your server. Acting that ignorant and obnoxious at a bar/restaurant will most likely turn us off. How freaking uncomfortable!

5. When you assumed you were my only table, or better yet, the only people in the restaurant.

I know that it’s natural to come out to eat and expect amazing service. And any good server wants to give you that service (I mean, after all, we are working for the tips that you leave), however, you cannot expect your server to be at or around your table every single time you need them. Your server most likely has a few other tables who are expecting the same thing; therefore, making us run around and divide our time evenly to each table. I’ll let you in on a little secret, we are taught to check on our tables with a 2 minute rule, which means after I drop your food off, I will be back within 2 minutes. If you need more ketchup, another drink, etc., just have some patience and wait your turn. And again, please DO NOT wave your hands or call me while I’m at another table. (Yes, people have actually done this.)

6. When you walked in two minutes before the kitchen closed.

It’s 9:58 PM, you walk into the restaurant and ask “what time does your kitchen close?” I tell you “10 PM, in 2 minutes” and you say “oh goodie! We made it!” Well, I’ll let you in on another secret, we HATE that shit. Not only are you keeping your server at work later than they should be; but the kitchen, chefs, and cleaning crew as well. We all have to stay at the expense of your inconvenient hunger/cravings. And why are you eating a 5 course meal at 10PM anyway?

All in all, I personally love being a server. I love meeting new people and seeing my “regulars” smiling faces each day/week. While this article was not intended to offend anyone, I know that my fellow servers can relate. And I hope that’s it’s taught non-servers a few things; DON’T do things that will make your server want to curse you off!