6 Things I Want To Explain To My Little Sister


You’re getting older, and I am becoming the aged, irrelevant and less “cool” elder sibling now, but there are a few things that I wanted to let you know before you head on off to the life of becoming a woman.

1. Remember how beautiful you are, not to me, but everyone

The teenage years are the hardest ones on your self-esteem and personality, but, I have seen the way you lift others up, and they way you hold yourself in public. Please, please I beg of you, do not lose that. Many girls stray off the path of finding their own beauty for a while, and although that’s normal, you need to realize that you love yourself — that’s all that matters.

2. What you put on social media is out there for FOREVER

I know this is singly the most annoying thing that older people say, but TRUST me on this one. If you post a picture, or a send out tweet in order to bring someone else down, someone will always see it and be waiting to screenshot it. Just stay funny and classy on social media. That’s the rule of thumb here.

3. Friends are more important than boys

The relationships you build up with your girlfriends will be waaaay more important than a high school relationship. Many girls swoon over young boys in their early years and they try so hard to impress them. Just enjoy the short time you have with your friends, because once you get older, friendships change.


I know that this could be the hardest advice to live by because you will always want to impress the new boy in class, or laugh at the weird kid because everyone else is. But the one thing you will never EVER regret in life is just simply being who you are. All-in-all, this is also how you will be involved in the best friendships and relationships because you will attract the same people as yourself. Boys like it real, no matter what the magazines say.

5. Be easy for girls and hard for boys

This sounds weird, but it works and it’s true. Be the girl who is nice and friendly to the girls — meaning, make it easy to be friends with yourself. But, when it comes to boys, be hard. I’m not saying be rude or make them go on quests for your love. Just be aware that you are the best, and you deserve the best, damnit!

The early years in life are the hardest like I said before, but if you just stick to who you are deep down and be friendly to everyone, it’s actually not that bad. This is the time for growth and learning, so buckle up because it’s one wild ride.

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