6 Things I Learned From Working In A Strip Club


I started working at a strip club when I was 18 years old. Just starting college, I needed a way to make rent money that wouldn’t interfere with my class schedule. Waitressing at the strip club isn’t as lucrative as dancing, but I wasn’t ready to dive into the deep end without dipping my toes in first. Now, after years in the industry, I’ve learned a thing or two about club culture.

1. There is no glamour in strip clubs and there never will be.

Despite the alluring secrecy of seeing (mostly) attractive women strip, the reality of a strip club is basically watching porn in a movie theater with other horny guys.

2. VIP is hardly special.

Continuing on with the glamour-less theme, VIP rooms for lap dances (and more) are probably the dirtiest place in the club and can get pretty pricey for a PG-13 show.

3. She’s somebody’s daughter, and she might as well be yours.

Some clubs hire really young girls (read: under 18) to dance as long as they can act the part and show a fake ID. While you’re technically not at fault for allowing a teen to dance for you, you’ll have more peace of mind if you cozy up to a cougar instead.

4. The girls are not sober.

There’s a mental roadblock that dancer’s have to cross before getting comfortable with sex work. For some, a bump, a sip or a hit can eliminate the internal conflict and makes work more enjoyable/manageable, while others go for the extreme and end the night incoherent. You likely appreciate this without even knowing it- it’s a better show when the girl is having fun herself!

5. It’s a sole source of income for some.

Visiting a strip club is usually a novelty experience for guests, but for dancers, sex work is work. Girls can work minimal hours and make huge amounts of money, or they can work full weeks and leave with almost nothing. Despite the instability, dancers deal with ABSURD amounts of cash.

6. The waitress won’t dance.

I know I’m biased in saying this, but the waitresses are the ones handling your money so they’re in the position of power. The dancers are explicitly there for your affectionate attention so showing love to the waitress won’t get you anything. More often than not, I overcharge the guys that try and touch me at the club.

7. It’s exactly what you’d expect.