6 Struggles You’ll Only Know If You’ve Had Acne


1. Being asked, “Why do you have so many pimples?”

Having to deal with acne almost all my life, I came across many distasteful questions from people who are either really stupid or just plain senseless (or maybe, both). I was really embarrassed when I heard the statement above; it was my first time coming across such words. That’s when it hit me: “Ahhh, so there are people like this who actually exist!” Of course, after that, it wasn’t long before a bunch of “concerned friends” started asking similar questions. “Do you wash your face daily?” “Do you wash your face at all?” “Maybe it’s cause you eat too much fried food?” It seems people think that, before I was born, I checked off all of my wishes and hopes on a checklist, including a box that said “Acne.” As luck would have it, the grossness stuck on my face wasn’t exactly a part of my plan.

2. Apparently, people can’t look me in the eye; they are too busy being amazed by my puss filled beauties.

Sorry for the descriptive wording above, but yes, it’s true. For me, talking to a person face to face is almost as nerve-wracking as bungee jumping off a building with the same cord that’s been used for 20 years. I wonder if they know it makes me feel even more uncomfortable when they keep glancing at my forehead. I only want to have a normal conversation with someone but I guess the red shining Christmas bulbs on my face are a bit of a distraction (sarcasm — a lot of it). It’s not that hard, just look deep into my eyes; if you ignore all that’s around them, you’ll notice that they are kind of beautiful.

3. “Must avoid all bright light! Must avoid all bright light!”

…is the sentence that consistently replays in my head every time I go out somewhere. Under a glaring glow, every single blemish, scar and discoloration gets unmasked, whether you like it or not. And because life is not as fair as we thought, obviously the things you want to avoid show up even more. Restaurants, offices, clothing stores — they all decide to pick white shaded light that you have no choice but to sit or stand under because…well, it’s everywhere. I mean, come on, I am trying to make a good impression here, why did you people have to ruin it by showcasing my flaws to the world?! AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ABOUT THE SUN.

4. Having enough oil on your face to be able to fry an egg.

(*Clears throat* once again, sorry for that descriptive title.) I get it, there are different kinds of skin types and mine just happens to be the kind where I have to run to the bathroom to wash it every 20 minutes or so. Of all the issues I take with acne, this one has got to be the biggest hassle. Because excess oil causes even more pimples, I find myself buying every off-the-shelf “shine remover” out there. And not only do they not work but some people around me succeed in making the situation a lot worse (no surprise there). And to them I say CONGRATULATIONS because I have finally lost count of how many times I got told “Wow, you sweat so much!”

5. ‘RFFL’: Red Faced For Life.

Acne and a red face go together like fries and ketchup; evidently our little zit friends decided it wasn’t enough just to stick themselves onto our cheeks and foreheads. They had to make their mark by illuminating everything they touch red. I mean, when you think about it, without pimples being red, they wouldn’t be pimples. Acne is an infection, and inflammation follows an infection like I follow cake (bad joke, I know). Most people don’t know how it feels when your face becomes red even when you are only calmly sitting down. It’s frustrating and disgusting. You look around and everyone else is enjoying their neutral skin tone, while I’m over here in the dark lighting up the room with my stop sign of a face.

6. Spot-free person: “OMG, I AM BREAKING OUT!”

I can’t tell if they are trying to make fun of me, or if they’re just intrinsically dramatic enough to star in a Broadway show. These people irritate me to the point where I really would consider jumping off a building with that same 20-year-old bungee cord if it meant not having to listen to them ever again. Someone please make me understand how one tiny little spec of a pimple on porcelain skin is considered “breaking out.” Because I’m about to break something and it will probably be this girl’s face. At least have some consideration and not say it in front of me with my scarred patchy skin. Yes, I’m right over here, under the shining light, I know you can see me. My message to people like that is to take a good look at themselves and be thankful.