6 Signs You’re Moving On


1. They aren’t the first thing you think about when you wake up every morning.

Breakups are dreadful. Sometimes you find yourself in a dream about them that seems so real to only wake up with tears down your face. You came to the realization that it was just a dream. When you can wake up and think about other things, count yourself as headed in the right direction.

2. You finally don’t think about them when you’re with someone else.

You’re hanging out with someone new! We all have had that rebound that we make out with but have our ex in the back of our minds the whole time. When you find someone who doesn’t let your mind think of your ex the whole time, it’s worth seeing where things go.

3. You deleted the text messages.

What is worse than having lingering conversations you and your significant other used to have? It is not doing you or your future significant other any good. Reading old messages brings back unwanted and unneeded nostalgia. You can live without them. Trust me.

4. Your stomach doesn’t drop to your feet when you hear their name.

You’re going about your day minding your own business when you overhear someone say his or her name. They may not be talking about your ex specifically, but man, that really hit home. When you can hear these things without feeling yourself becoming overwhelmed with sadness you are moving on.

5. You can actually talk to people with the same name now.

You can have a good conversation with someone who has the same attributes as your ex. That is a good thing. You should not limit yourself because they carry the same name. I am nowhere near saying date someone with the same name. That could just get weird.

6. You realize you deserve better.

The phases of a break up take time. First you’re sad. You would do anything to talk to them. You want them to ask for you back. You would honestly probably take them back, too. It doesn’t always work like that. Then you become mad. Why would they break your heart? How heartless of them.  You think to yourself, “Why would I want to be with someone who was willing to put me through that?” Continue thinking that! You will find better. They WILL be better. The next boyfriend is always better. They make you realize that there is more love out there.