6 Signs You’re Annoyingly And Completely Full of Yourself


Confidence is important. You should look in the mirror each day and think, “Damn, I look good”. But if your overly-confident attitude starts interfering with your relationships, you might be in trouble. So how do you know if you’ve crossed over the line of high self-esteem and entered the world of narcissism? Here are 6 tell-tale signs that you are completely full of yourself.

1. You Think You Can Do No Wrong

Are you perfect in every way? Does everything you touch turn to gold? The truth is, no one is perfect. But if you have a hard time admitting your faults or even acknowledging that you have any, it’s likely a sign that your both delusional and completely narcissistic. When you can’t admit you’ve made a mistake, you’re only hurting yourself. After all, without mistakes there’s no room for growth. We must stumble and fall to discover the error of our ways and improve on ourselves. Then again, if you’re self-centered, you likely live in a fantasy world where no aspect of your life needs improvement. But it might serve you well to come down to reality and acknowledge that admitting your own flaws and faults is actually a sign of being self-assured and secure in your abilities.

2. You Feel Threatened by Others (But Will Never Admit It)

When someone projects overconfidence, bordering on cockiness, it’s usually a sign that they’re internally insecure. We often project our own insecurities onto others. If someone is more successful than you, more attractive or more well-liked it probably gets under your skin. Instead of being proud or happy for them, you feel threatened. This isn’t an unusual feeling but your reaction to it is the difference between a confident and cocky person. A confident person will take those feelings of envy and use them as motivation to succeed. If instead you bash other people’s success and put them down, chances are you’re actually afraid of someone outdoing you. Someone else’s success doesn’t need to be your failure. Instead, embrace your individuality and showcase the things you do best.

3. The Only Word You Know is “Me”

The first sign of a true narcissist is that the only words out of your mouth are “I” or “me”. Are you incapable of listening to someone else talk about themselves? Do you constantly interrupt them or feel the need to “one-up” their story? Not only is this rude but it’s annoying AF and most people won’t stick around long to have a one-sided conversation with you. Just as you feel proud and excited to share stories about your achievements, so does everyone else. Be patient and give the other person their time to shine. You’ll have your chance to brag about how amazing you are but be sure to do so tactfully or else you’ll push others away. And it’s no fun talking about yourself if no one cares enough to listen.

4. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

The definition of selfish is lacking consideration for others and being concerned only with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. Being selfless and giving back to others is just as rewarding as getting but this concept is sometimes difficult to understand if you’re completely self-involved. Do you put your needs before anyone else’s? Do you go as far as to disregard or deceive others for your own personal gain? The phrase “it’s lonely at the top” is disturbingly accurate when it comes to always putting yourself before others. Even if this does result in success, you’ll be celebrating your achievements alone as you methodically burn bridges on your way to the top. Try giving back for a change. Hold the door open for someone, let a motorist pull out before you or sacrifice the last chocolate chip muffin for a coworker. You’ll be surprised at how good it feels to do something for others and it might even open your eyes and heart to a world outside your own.

5. No Makeup, BIG Problem

Does the thought of being seen without makeup or perfectly styled hair strike fear in your heart? Would you simply die if someone saw you wearing your glasses instead of contact lenses? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are, you need a reality check. Did you know that men actually find natural beauty sexiest? With all that makeup on, people start to wonder if you’re hiding something. Taking hours to get ready when you’re just running to the grocery store or library is kind of ridiculous. Not to mention, placing that much importance on your outward appearance is a sure sign that your inner beauty needs some work.

A confident person’s beauty shines from the inside out. They don’t need make-up, the perfect outfit or styled hair to make them feel good. And here’s another secret. No one cares what you look like. That’s right. You may have convinced yourself that when you walk into a room the Earth stops rotating and everyone stops in their tracks to take notice, but the truth is, no one’s world pauses just for you. Most people are far too busy and preoccupied with their own lives to care all that much about how you look. So, save some time, money, and energy and try leaving the house without makeup one day. You’ll be shocked at how liberating it feels!

6. Look Around You

Take a look around. How many good friends do you have? I don’t mean acquaintances or coworkers that you make small talk with in the break room. I mean real, true friends. One, maybe two? None? If you can’t count a single person that you call your best friend, chances are you’re too full of yourself to develop quality relationships. If you’re too self-involved it means you don’t really have anything to offer as a friend. You’re not in-tune to other people’s feelings and likely don’t know what it means to be supportive and trustworthy. Not to mention, you’re probably not much fun to be around. If you’ve recently lost friends or have never really had any, it might be time for a good, hard look in the mirror. And no, not to check your makeup and make sure your outfit is cute. I mean to look deep inside yourself and start making some changes.