6 Rebuttals In Defense Of Wearing Makeup- To The Girls Who Say I Shouldn’t


As the craze of moralizing our every personal choice with association of social and political trend (thanks internet) continues, the whole “To wear makeup, or not to wear make-up “ debate is at high speed on social media. So, I’m chiming in with six rebuttals to statements about my choice to wear makeup that I have heard girls who chose not to wear makeup either out right say or elude to….


1. I’m better than you because I don’t wear make-up.
The fact that you choose not to wear makeup doesn’t make you any better of a person. In fact, if you think going barefaced makes you a superior human being, might I suggest that you adjust your good person-o-meter to include such character traits as honor, respect, and selfless service? Because, seriously those things actually do make you a better person. Basing another human’s worth on appearance or personal choice doesn’t make you a cut above; it does however, make you pompous and patronizing.


2. I must be really ugly underneath.
Yeah, no. My fresh face is gorgeous. Do you think that your hands are really ugly without those stunning rings or bracelets you wear? No. Makeup is just a way to make enhance the beauty of something already beautiful.


3. I’m hiding my “real self”.
I’m really me, makeup or no makeup. Seriously, no one becomes magically more real when they take off their makeup. It’s makeup remover; it’s not tequila, nor is it some Alice and Wonderland “drink me” serum that turns me into a completely different version of myself when I take my makeup off. Besides, real beauty is accepting one another in spite of our different personal choices, which makes the whole “Real Beauty” campaign in and of itself hypocritical.


4. I must really care about what people think to spend all that time on my makeup.
Sister, please. I have my makeup routine down to a fine art, and I enjoy the process. Firstly, I guarantee it doesn’t take me as long as you think it does to apply my makeup. Secondly, I enjoy my “getting ready to step out ritual “ as much as you like singing along to your favorite song with your windows down in the summertime.


5. Wearing makeup is a lie.
Wearing makeup is no more of a lie than wearing a bra. We all know the girls hang differently when we let them free. So, if you feel that makeup is a lie, I’m gonna have to ask you to hand over that brazier, and show the world your bouncy bounce. What’s that? Oh ok, thought so;)


6. Men like women better who don’t wear makeup.
So here’s the deal. I’m a female in a predominantly male career field . This means I am around A LOT of males, all the time and they speak pretty freely. Many men do not like makeup. Many love it. Any combination of wearing makeup or not wearing makeup– there’s a man out there that loves that. Do you, boo boo, do you.