6 Reasons Why You Should Get A Dog (And Not A Man)


1. They’re Great in Bed

Whether they’re keeping you warm during winter or being a snuggle buddy while watching the Notebook, you cannot go wrong with a furry K9.

2. They’re Always Happy to See You

It doesn’t matter if you’re gone for an entire workday or if you shut the door when peeing, they’ll always be patiently waiting with their tongue-out-version of smiling. Not to mention they are either glued to the door or sulking in your sheets, as proved by this adorable but heartbreaking video.

3. They Don’t Judge You

What’s better than stepping out of the shower completely naked and having your dog just minding its own business? No makeup, no problem. Or better yet, they’ll eat just about anything you do except for lettuce. They’ll encourage you to stay away from greens, not make you feel guilty about avoiding a salad on the first date. 

4. They’re Loyal

You don’t have to worry about your pup being extra friendly with the ex-sorority girl who has flawless hair and a career to die for. They’ll be there for every jealous moment, every heartbreak, and every bad decision. They won’t regret staying over or have commitment issues. When they love you, they really love you.

5. They’re Less Mess

Although they love to dig in your bathroom trash, a dog is a breeze compared to your tornado-ex-boyfriend. Dogs don’t leave their underwear wherever they take it off. They sure in the hell don’t leave dirty dishes in their sink for days.

6. They’ll Binge Watch Parks and Rec With You

Over, and over, and over again. Champion would be proud.