6 Reasons Why INFPs Are Total Badasses


When most people think of INFP – they think of some daydreaming unicorn. Honestly some people are downright rude in their description of the starry eyed healing types of the MBTI world. Most people don’t put badass together with INFP. How mistaken most people are. Here’s a list of reasons why INFPs are badass ninjas.

1. The shit most people deal with – INFPs take into stride.

Seriously, go into an INFP forum and there will be someone dealing with crap. At least one dick is going to go for: “dude get over it” but not so for the MBTI-world version of a Pegasus. An INFP comes along and drops wisdom on you like a bath bomb in water. In fact the wisdom is so good because they took your feelings into consideration. Suddenly all that ick you’ve got going on isn’t as bad.

2. They’re that guy in your corner.

Say you’re going up against a boxer in a ring. You’re feeling dead on your feet – you don’t think you can last the round. There in your corner is your coach. That coach? If they’re the type of INFP who believes in you and your capabilities – they will get you lit. There they will be telling you: “you can give up now and walk away from this with dignity, I will not think less of you.” Pause, then they’ll look at you directly in the eyes: “but if you have enough left in you – keep fighting, you’ve got this.”

3. They’re also that girl ready to knock some bullies out.

Say you’re walking along a sidewalk with your INFP best friend. You’re both doing your thing when someone who has been bullying you for a while appears. That bully starts harassing the pair of you (especially you). Guess who is going to be up for a fight even if they suck at punching. One minute you’re thinking “not again” and the next thing you know. That bully’s got a broken nose. No one messes with an INFP’s people.

4. If you’re bored: ask the deep questions in life.

Honestly ask an INFP some of the deeper questions you have about life. You will be surprised by the answers they’ll give you. Sometimes it’ll be one long ass story and other times it will be a couple of simple sentences or even a word (42). Go deep, explore that side of life and you’ll feel like you’ve gone through all of time and space.

5. If asking questions isn’t your thing: actually take an INFP to something they like.

Take your INFP out to something they actually like (concert, art show, museum, something). Set aside your hang ups for once and truly just focus on this person for this adventure. Invest yourself into the experience. Suddenly you see a vitally badass component you’ve been missing all your life. An INFP in an environment they like with a person willing to share it with them is like the sun: brilliant.

6. If you want wicked humor: get an INFP going.

While they might blush like a cherry tomato, an INFP has a wicked sense of humor. So wicked, it comes out of left field and leaves you reeling. It’s like where did that come from? This person is usually mild mannered and yet here they are making the naughtiest innuendos. Say what?!

Lastly: don’t underestimate an INFP. They may look sweet and innocent (some of them) but as we can see here, they’re just as fierce as any other personality type. They just hide it better.