6 Reasons Ronda Rousey Should Be Your Role Model


1. Nothing was ever handed to her.

She had to work for very little thing in her life. She traveled the world for competitions by herself with literally no money. No one was really ever there to tell her she did a good job or to wrap her hands before a fight. She did it all on her own.

2. She overcame life’s obstacles.

Her life was not always glamorous. Her father committed suicide when she was at the tender age of 7. She had a boyfriend who stole her car to go buy drugs. She rose above all that and used that to motivate to only become better. She became a fighter from the moment she was born. She was deprived of oxygen when her mom gave birth to her. She had trouble speaking and didn’t put together a full sentence until she was 6 years old. She fought to speak better despite what doctors said.

3. Her mentality.

Losing is not an option. Her mentality before every fight is she going to beat that girl in under a minute. Nothing is going to stop her, she wants to put her opponent in a hospital. She expects nothing less of herself than to win every fight. No matter who is standing on the other corner of the cage, she is going to fight them and win.

4. Her family.

In her book, she talks a lot about her family. One part of the book I will never forget is after a judo fight she went to her mom and told her she had sprained her ankle, her mom then made her run laps after she told her that to prove that she can fight no matter what injury she has. Her mom wanted to prove to her she can do it. She talks about how her success would be nothing without her family.

5. She stuck to what she believed in.

At a tournament she ran into Dana White who is the head of the UFC. She went up to him and told him that she is going to be the first female in UFC. In the book, he talks about how he brushed her off because he believed that would never happen. Shortly after she won several fights, she signed a contract with UFC.

6. She called out Floyd Mayweather at the ESPY’s.

After she won the ESPY award for Best Fighter, she called out Mayweather saying “I wonder how Floyd feels after being beat by a woman for once.”

Pure freaking gold.