6 Helpful Reminders For Anyone Trying To Get Through This Thing Called Life


I guess by now, we can all agree on the old folks’ saying “IT’S A JUNGLE OUT THERE! BE CAREFUL!”, I guess by now we all have a clear understanding that life is no walk in a park. We all crave that feeling of finally accomplishing what we all have been dreaming of for so long, although we each have a different definition of success, it all boils down to one, it’s that feeling of fulfillment! But here’s the thing, success can’t be achieved overnight and failing is not really an option. So here are some guides to ease your way on this journey:

LET YOUR DREAMS BE BIGGER THAN YOUR FEARS. It can be pretty scary, right now you may feel as if your on this journey of finding where you truly belong, It’s like you’re a wanderer who’s still yet to discover your very own destination. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming and you may feel as if you’re buying time, but know that you have a long way ahead of you and always remember that this is not a race. What is more important is that, in every path you take, you discover something about yourself and let that serve as your guide every step of the way.

PICK YOUR OWN BATTLES. Because life is too short for dramas, be wise enough to know when to engage and when to just turn the other cheek. Sometimes choosing not to fight doesn’t mean that you lose and life isn’t measured by how many times you stood up to fight. It can be challenging because there will always be people who will push you to your limit but try your best to always have a peaceful mind cause not every battle is worth fighting for.

ACCEPT YOUR FLAWS. Imperfections are what make us human, your imperfections are what make you unique. Know that accepting your own flaws and not letting it define you is one form of growth. “Nobody’s perfect”, it’s a phrase you may commonly hear over and over, but it is what it is, you have to come to terms with your imperfections and move past it.

HUMILITY. It’s important to always keep your feet on the ground no matter how far you have gone through or how much you have achieved in life because everyday is a learning process, no matter how old you are or how well you have gone through this journey it doesn’t mean that you know it all.

ALWAYS BE THANKFUL AND APPRECIATIVE. Be thankful of your family who served as your rock, your friends, the people who are with you all throughout, most especially be thankful of your parents, cause if there’s one sad part on this journey, it’s to slowly witness older people get even older and one by one reach the end of the line, it can be quite terrifying but If there’s one important thing you should truly gain out of this whole set of discoveries, it’s to never be afraid to show everyone how grateful you are for having them, appreciate everything and everyone around you and be thankful no matter how small or how big your every conquest is.

IT’S NOT ABOUT FINDING YOURSELF, IT’S ABOUT CREATING YOURSELF. Self-discovery is a continuous process. You may be confused as of this moment or don’t have a single idea of what you’re doing with your life, but keep going because it doesn’t matter what you start, what matters is how you choose to finish. Keep doing what you’re doing but don’t just stick on the safe zone, always challenge yourself and know that it’s okay to be afraid, it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to feel depressed and it’s okay to cry! Allow yourself to crumble and wallow cause that’s where growth is but don’t let the pain devour you, and never let self-doubt win over you. Learn from every mistake.

Know that life will inevitably get harder as it goes on, but it will eventually be more bearable because along the way you choose to conquer every risky roads and slippery slopes of your journey. So keep going, savor every adventure, continue making mistakes and fall apart but always come back strong and more determined! Fall in love and get your heart broken, take a leap of faith, be spontaneous, make amends and be dauntless. TRUST THE PROCESS!