6 Friends You Lose As A 20-Something


Throughout your 20s, you will lose a lot of friends; even though this may sound harsh at first, you’ll come to realize that a majority of those familiar faces that you grew up with will fade, sometimes quietly and without reason. That’s just the way life works. You’ll break up with more friends than boyfriends (including 95% of your high school friends).  And although the thought of losing those friends that were once precious to you seems impossible and maybe even a little heartbreaking, you’ll learn to pick yourself up and move on until it becomes a habit.

You pick up friends and, before you know it, you end up growing apart. But the older you get, the easier it gets. Seriously, you’ll begin to wise up and realize that some friendships just can’t withstand distance and different paths (no matter how much other stuff you may have in common). One of the major reasons it gets a bit easier is because you will eventually learn how to make a clean break—there’s none of those awkward phone calls and ambushes to let one another know that you don’t want to be friends anymore (like we did high school). It may not seem like it at first but if it isn’t meant to be, you’ll be able to trust your gut instinct and go your separate ways—with no love lost.

Here are six friends you can’t seem to hold onto throughout your 20s.

1. The Frenemy

We all know that one person who pretends that she’s your friend (and always you) but is really a hater? Who has time for that? I can’t help that your life can’t be as fabulous as mine so back off.

2. The Med Student

Their new BFFs are cadavers. That. Is. All.

3. The Stepford Wives

No, we’re not getting any younger but jeez, marriage?  Kids? Pump your breaks. These are the friends that you won’t even recognize—they’re pretty much like zombies when it comes to their new lives. So I just run from it all! Sorry but I don’t want to believe that I’m ready to make small talk about your baby.

4. The Hippie Imposters

We get it, we get it! Trust me, we get. it. They want to be all down for the environment. But let’s be real. Most of the time, it’s not because they care about the environment; everything has to be a cause with them. Sometimes, you’ll just want to teach your burger in peace.

5. The Party Animals

The earlier you are in your twenties the less of a problem this may be for you, but eventually (if you’re not that person, of course) this person will be pushed out of your life. They’re a grown child and although you may be strong willed enough to keep them from deferring you from being on your grown woman sh*t; their nonstop party will honestly start to seem less glamorous and more toxic to your life.

6. The Distant Childhood Friend

You’ve known this friend since you were practically in diapers. Even when you went to different high schools, you still made plans for your future—together. Unfortunately, nothing really worked out as planned. This is a friendship that you’ll desperately try to hold onto as you grow older (and further apart) but after awhile, you’re going to have no choice but to let it go.

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