54 Things We Should Stop Feeling Guilty About (Because Life Is Too Damn Short)


1) Liking somebody

2) Disliking somebody

3) Surrendering to that chocolate craving

4) Overeating once in a while

5) Skipping the gym

6) Disliking certain foods

7) Breaking up with someone

8) Spending money

9) Actually being financially stable

10) Not having a current life plan/goals

11) Staying in bed until noon

12) Napping

13) Not enjoying something you’re expected to enjoy

14) Feeling happy

15) Feeling unhappy

16) Ending a long-term friendship

17) Wanting to be alone

18) Wanting to be single

19) Wanting to feel loved

20) Missing somebody

21) Deciding you don’t want to drink alcohol

22) Drinking too much alcohol

23) Taking a sick day from work

24) Taking a sick day from work when you’re not sick

25) Cancelling plans with friends

26) Saying NO

27) Saying YES

28) Staying in your pajamas all weekend

29) Not leaving the house for more than 24 hours

30) Not showering as regularly as you should

31) Having casual, consensual sex

32) Not having/wanting any sex

33) Disliking children

34) Not wanting children of your own

35) Disliking your friends’ Italian greyhound

36) Disliking fashionable, small dogs in general

37) Disliking particular members of your family

38) Not seeing family and friends often

39) Your dietary choices

40) Your religious choices

41) Your lack of interest in politics

42) Not having/wanting a career

43) Having an opinion

44) Not having an opinion

45) Not knowing the answer to a question

46) Not giving a damn about the latest trends

47) Wearing makeup

48) Not wearing makeup

49) Letting your houseplants die

50) Not cleaning your apartment regularly

51) Not feeling like cooking

52) Asking for help

53) Refusing help

54) Feeling guilty