50 Thoughtful Ways To Strengthen Your Friendship (That Don’t Cost Money)


It is easy to show love with money, but not everyone can afford to lavish their loved ones with expensive gifts. If you want to show someone that you love them but you don’t have the money to treat them to a gift, don’t worry.

Here are 50 ways you can show someone that you love them without spending any money.

1. Ask them how they are doing, and really take the time to listen to their responses.

2. Send them a funny Youtube video that you know they will find hilarious.

3. Write them a letter reminding them of your favorite memories together.

4. Offer them a back massage after a stressful day.

5. Hold their hand whenever they look sad or upset.

6. Give them your favorite book to read. They will learn more about you – and hopefully they will love it as much as you do.

7. Look for something that they need online. From a new office chair to a door stop, you can treat them and show them that you think about their needs.

8. Tell them that you are thankful for their friendship.

9. Cook them their favorite meal after a stressful day.

10. Invite them around for a night of movies and snacks.

11. Run them a hot bubble bath with candles and scented oils.

12. Ask them if they need any help with day-to-day tasks; does their child need picking up from school? Do they have mail that needs delivering?

13. Leave them positive notes, saying things like “Have a great day!”

14. Participate in their favorite hobbies with them, such as cooking, running or yoga.

15. Tell them that you love them.

16. Tell them silly jokes that you know will make them smile.

17. Go for a scenic walk together.

18. Offer them sincere compliments.

19. Tell them stories about your life and childhood.

20. Ask them about their own life and childhood.

21. Share your dreams and goals with each other.

22. Make the effort to reconcile when you fight with each other.

23. Find a beautiful view and sit together, enjoying the scenery.

24. Apologize when you know you have upset them.

25. Have their back. Defend them when they aren’t around.

26. Stop by their house unexpectedly just to say hi.

27. Ask them to tell you their favorite story.

28. Introduce them to the other people you love.

29. Tell them what you love about them.

30. Ask for their advice about something important, so they know you value their opinion.

31. Bring them their favorite drink.

32. Encourage them to pursue their dreams.

33. Offer them your time if they want to see you.

34. Invite them around to drink wine and talk until the early hours.

35. Help them – even when they don’t ask for help.

36. Be honest, even when it is hard.

37. Learn more about them.

38. Take a trip together to somewhere you both want to go.

39. Share music with each other. Ask them to send you their favorite songs, and you do the same thing for them.

40. Dance together to silly music.

41. Thank them for inspiring you to be a better person.

42. Ask how their day went.

43. Send them pictures of the two of you together.

44. Help them to reconnect with people who they used to be close to.

45. Look out for the people they love.

46. Dedicate a karaoke song to them.

47. Visit their parents with them.

48. Go watch a movie with them that they’ve been dying to see.

49. Rent their favorite movie and watch it together.

50. Praise them when you are around other people.