50 Little Things That Women Struggling With Love Need To Realize


1. You’ll never find love if you keep guarding your heart.

2. No one finds their forever person on the first try.

3. If he treats you poorly now, it’s only going to get worse over time.

4. You don’t have to find the love of your life in your 20s.

5. If he breaks your heart once, he’ll break your heart again.

6. Boys will still turn you down, even if you do everything right.

7. Some men aren’t ready for anything serious, and you can’t do anything to change that.

8. Dating is meant to be fun, not stressful.

9. Your forever person is out there, and they’re just as lonely as you are.

10. Love takes time to develop — it isn’t created overnight.

11. Sometimes, you need to make the first move.

12. Texting shouldn’t replace face-to-face conversations.

13. You didn’t deserve to be cheated on.

14. You’re never too old to find love.

15. Sleeping with you doesn’t mean he wants to date you.

16. You should never feel ashamed of wanting a boyfriend.

17. It’s better to break up than spend a lifetime with the wrong person.

18. If he actually liked you, he wouldn’t treat you like shit.

19. Not all men are cheaters.

20. Never apologize for having high standards.

21. If all of your friends say he’s bad for you, then he probably is bad for you.

22. It’s not a bad thing to care too much — it means you have a big heart.

23. You’re not a slut for sleeping with him “too early on.”

24. You’re too beautiful to feel such ugly emotions.

25. Dating is just as nerve-racking for him as it is for you.

26. Your exes think about you, too.

27. But missing someone doesn’t mean you’re meant to get back together with them.

28. You can still love yourself, even if he doesn’t love you.

29. It’s not always going to be this way.

30. Every failed relationship brings you a step closer to the right one.

31. Love doesn’t always last forever.

32. You can hate someone and love someone at the same time.

33. A boy isn’t going to save you.

34. You’re beautiful, with or without a man on your arm.

35. Your friends in relationships have just as many problems as you do.

36. You looked hot in that selfie, even if he didn’t “like” it.

37. Emotional pain is just as scarring as physical pain.

38. If you keep letting your baggage weigh you down, then you’ll never allow love to lift you up.

39. You’re not stupid for falling for him — he’s stupid for leaving you.

40. Giving up on love isn’t an option.

41. Sleeping with him isn’t going to convince him to date you.

42. Intimacy should consist of more than just sex.

43. Love and lust aren’t the same thing.

44. Arguments should happen in person — not over Twitter or text.

45. No one is out of your league. 

46. If he loves you, he’ll make it obvious.

47. Men and women can be friends.

48. Love requires effort to last.

49. He might not love you, but your family does.

50. Love exists and its only a matter of time until you experience it yourself.