50 Good Reasons To Date The Girl Who Loves To Eat


1. You’ll never have to worry about ordering your favorite dinner plate on the first date because chances are she isn’t going to order a salad, so eat up.

2. You will always have someone to get frozen yogurt with in the winter.

3. She knows how to take care of herself; as much as she loves to eat she also understands the importance of a healthy balance between junk food and health food.

4. You’ll never have to worry about eating alone.

5. You’ll actually never have to wonder if she’s hungry or not because the answer is always yes.

6. She is a pro at cooking dips, chicken wing dip (or buffalo chicken dip if you’re one of those people), spinach artichoke dip, taco dip, you name it.

7. She’s just more fun. She isn’t obsessing over calories and ingredients, she’s down for a burger and to kick it for the day.

8. You don’t have to worry about what she does and doesn’t like because she can always find something on the menu.

9. She might even broaden your food horizon of different foods she’s tried from all over the world.

10. She knows the best places to eat and the best deals.

11. She also probably knows the workers at some of the restaurants she goes to a lot so that means special treatment for you!

12. Just because she loves food doesn’t mean she eats shit food all day, she will help you eat healthier because healthy food is important.

13. You’ll never be hungry in her house because running out of food is the worst thing that could happen in her household, besides maybe running out of TP, but that’s a different topic.

14. She knows how to cook and will cook you up some tasty dinners.

15. You can also expect some banging breakfast and lunches.

16. You never have to worry about eating too much in front of her because she gets how enjoyable food is.

17. She doesn’t need fancy over priced restaurants, she’d rather go to an In-N-Out type of place if the food is better there.

18. She’s usually always in a good mood because food makes people happy.

19. And if she’s in a bad mood, give her food to make her happy, it will instantly change her mood.

20. You’ll always have someone to split your giant desserts with after dinner.

21. She’s definitely down to go get pizza and wings and watch the game.

22. She’s also down to go to food and beer pairings.

23. Or food and wine pairings, basically any type of activity that is paired with food she’s in for.

24. She will make you try healthy alternatives that you otherwise probably wouldn’t try. And probably won’t tell you until after so you don’t realize there was kale in the smoothie.

25. You can never order too many appetizers between the two of you.

26. Happy hour is her favorite hour for food and drinks.

27. Most of your dates involve food, which is awesome.

28. She doesn’t need flowers, they’re very expensive and she would rather have something she can eat like chocolate covered strawberries because they’re amazing (hit me up boys).

29. Buffets are perfect for her because you know you’ll always get your moneys worth.

30. If your hungry she probably has a snack on her, I mean really why do you think girl’s purses are so big?

31. She will always be planning new dates that revolve around food, like a cooking class or a food tasting.

32. She will love to go downtown to eat lunch at food trucks, cheap and easy.

33. If you go on vacation she will always find the best places for you to go eat so you get to enjoy the culture and the food.

34. She will respect your plate enough not to eat off of it, unless you offer of course.

35. A girl who eats knows what she likes, in whatever context you want to take that in.

36. If you ever get bored or don’t know what to do, eating is always an option.

37. She will make a lot of experimental meals and you get to test them all.

38. She is the type of person who likes to bring people together because that is exactly what food does.

39. She loves going on ice cream dates when it’s hot out.

40. She’s confident. She knows herself and she is comfortable with herself and her choices.

41. You know you will always get your moneys worth when you go out to eat because even if she doesn’t eat all her food at dinner (which in unlikely) she will gladly bring the leftovers home for lunch the next day.

42. She will make a great apple crisp in the fall because who doesn’t love celebrating the seasons and apple picking?

43. She will let you take control in the kitchen and ‘wow’ her with your favorite dish to make. Even if it doesn’t come out great she will still shower you with compliments for your efforts.

44. You have an automatic gym buddy because she knows she needs to work out hard if she wants to maintain her love for food and her health.

45. Just because she loves food doesn’t mean she’s a food snob, sometimes you can find delicious foods in the most bizarre places and she’s open to trying everything.

46. She is always down for brunch (and mimosas).

47. She will find the way to your heart through your stomach, but her in love with life attitude will also be a bonus.

48. She won’t always expect you to pay for her food, in fact she will probably pay for your meals too because she knows how expensive going out to eat frequently will be.

49. She will always want to go to farmers markets and festivals, it will be fun to get out and experience something but it also gives her an opportunity to check out fresh local produce and treats. Win win for the both of you because she will be happy and probably cook up something delicious after.

50. Date the girl who loves to eat because she’s a hell of a time to be around and eating is awesome.