5 Ways To Tell If You’re Addicted To Podcasts


Podcast have become a substantial form of entertainment. And with there being a massive amount of podcasts available, you can’t help but try and consume them all. But how much consumption is too much?

Here are 5 ways to tell if you’re addicted to podcasts.


During casual conversation, you find yourself referencing and recommending podcast episodes that correlate to what you’re talking about. “In fact, I just heard Marc Maron talking about this today. Haha, man that was a good episode. You should listen to it! I’ll send you the link!”


When you need a break from your favorite podcast, you listen to a DIFFERENT podcast. You want a breath of fresh air and to hear some new perspectives, and the source you choose to get it from, is another podcast. Smh. Yep, you’re addicted.


When you go to bed at night, you hear the podcast hosts voice in your head. You wanna sleep, but you keep hearing reoccurring laughter and banter of the episode you listened to last. So what do you do to get it out of your head? LISTEN TO A PODCAST!


You write fan email to your favorite hosts, suggesting guests they should interview. “Dear Podcast host, you should have this person on the podcast. I listen a lot and I think you two would get along great. You two would have natural chemistry. Trust me! You won’t regret this. Oh and if you do decide to go with my suggestion, give me a shout out! Thanks!”


You’re listening to a podcast RIGHT NOW! As you scroll articles on Thought Catalog, you have a podcast blasting through your ears. You read this article, found out that you’re addicted to podcasts and you don’t give a shit. It’s OK. I was listening to a podcast when I wrote this list. We’re in this together.