5 Ways To Tell If He’s Really Interested Or If You’re Just ‘An Option’


For years, we’ve told men they don’t listen to women. After weeks of helping multiple girl friends through their dating lives.  It’s become evident that women are at least as guilty as their male counterparts, when it comes to listening. Instead of listening to the male which interests them; they’re trying to force love with these men. If you really listen to man, he’ll tell you how interested he is.

I’m 30 years old, something magical happens to a man around his late 20’s. Instead of living in his own world, he begins to become conscious of his surroundings. How his actions affect others, how his truths are spread, and how he’s being interpreted. All men are well aware of how their words play on a woman’s ear. His choice in wording is a clear decipher of his intent with you. It’s up to you to listen.

1. If he doesn’t say the word Date, He doesn’t want to date you

All men know what a date is and the power of that word. When we are pursuing a woman, we’ll ask you on a date. If a man asks you to “hang out”, you’re just another pretty girl deemed pursuable in a non-emotional way. Things may progress, get intimate, but in no way does that mean you’re going to change your status. Men always let a girl know their potential status right away.

2. If he doesn’t check in on your day, he doesn’t care about your day

Men are taught to be fixers from an early age, we’re taught to try and keep everything level.  A man that’s really into you will want to know how your day is going. He’ll want to be the reason your day can become balanced again. If he isn’t trying to inject some evenness in your day, he will never provide that for you. There are times when checking in on you just isn’t realistic, but if it doesn’t happen frequently, you’re not that important.

3. If you hear multiple excuses and he doesn’t offer an alternative, you’re the alternative

Men know how to use an excuse to get out of doing something. We also know eventually you’ll get mad when you’ve been bailed on two or three times. Once you’re fed up, you’ll finally call us out on it. Upon which you’ll be labeled crazy or needy. This is how a man justifies not dating you, saying things aren’t working out because you’re to needy. In reality, a guy who’s into you may have a legit reason to bail on plans. That same man, who really wants to date you, will immediately offer alternatives in which he can make it up to you. 

4. If you’re not asked about Friday or Saturday night, you’re never going to

Men hold Friday and Saturday (off evenings) as days free of restraints. If you aren’t getting one those days, you are the restraint. The guy who only wants to golf, go to the bar with his friends, or hang out only if it involves alcohol sees you as restricting his fun. Even worse, he may be seeing if something else out there is more enticing. If he doesn’t somehow include you in his weekend, he never will. Yet, he’ll still have the audacity to text you about coming over at night, if he didn’t find anything else.

5. If he doesn’t ask for exclusivity, you’ll never be his girlfriend

If a man wants you to be his girlfriend, he’ll make it known. Once a reasonable amount of time has passed, he’ll either introduce you as his girlfriend or ask you to be exclusive.  The guy who you’ve been seeing for 4 months and hasn’t made this known, doesn’t want to it known. Men crave being able to call someone theirs. If he isn’t calling you that in a reasonable amount of time, he doesn’t ever want you in that way.