5 Ways To Show Your Performer Friends That You’ve Totally Got Their Back


One of the most underestimated group of people are the performers. Athletes are given so much credit and are highly praised by many. They get the most benefits and privileges just because of their title. However, people fail to realize that performers are just like athletes. They train just as hard as them and serve the same purpose of representing a certain team, school, organization, or country.

If you’re a friend of a performer, you need to know that your support is everything to them. But there are some other things you need to understand.

1. Understand that performers work harder than you can possible imagine.

Just like athletes, performers spend the same amount of hours conditioning or sometimes, even more. Most athletes, like basketball players, usually train in the morning and get to sleep early because of how much they are spoiled and pampered. Performers, such as dancers, train late at night, after a long day’s work, and usually don’t come home until morning. They spend more time in the studio than they do anywhere else.

2. Their performances are incredibly special.

People understand how important it is to support their athlete friends during their championship games and sports events, but they don’t understand that a dancer’s performance is just as valuable. This is when they showcase what they have been sacrificing and working so hard for in the last months, or even years. Just because you’re not into rock concerts, plays, or dance shows doesn’t mean you don’t support them. You go all out. Make posters, cheer loudly, embarrass your performer friend because that’s how much you love them.

3. Make it count if you can’t make it to the show.

..And if you really can’t make it to their shows, you wish them good luck. You make sure they know you’re still out there supporting them. Send them all the love you can give and congratulate them after. Ask them how it went.

4. You need to SHOW them how much you support them.

Buy tickets to their shows. Buy their merchandise. Buy everything that you can to support them, even if you can’t make it. Stop asking for them to treat you or complaining that it’s too expensive because you don’t bargain on friendship. You didn’t sign up to be their friend only when it’s convenient.

5. Be there for them and show your interest in their interests.

I can’t stress enough how important this is to them. Performers are just as talented as athletes, but are not given enough credit. The world underestimates the capability of performers to inspire people and widen perspectives through their art. Most people judge performers right away merely because they don’t appreciate what they see, but what they don’t realize are the bruises, strained muscles, sweat, tears and stories that transpire backstage.

This is their passion. This is the reason they couldn’t be there at the mall or at the club last weekend. Even if you may not ever understand why they spend more time at practice than hangouts, you know that if your dog died or if you’re just crying over a new boy, they would be there in a heart beat. So be there. Your presence means the world to them and is one of the reasons all their hard work pays off.