5 Ways To Maintain Positivity In A Seemingly Negative World


We live in a world in which the media constantly covers events revolving around death, abuse, politics, murders, rape and what not.

It’s not just the media but also the society that we’re a part of, which brings the unfortunate events of the world into prominence rather than the good ones.

Not all of us can turn into hermits and exile the society in order to attain positivity. It’s not rational or practicable.

Achieving positivity is not hard but maintaining this positive state of mind is. Bringing good thoughts into our minds in the presence of negative people or situations is challenging but it is possible.

In the list below, I’ve mentioned 5 main things that will help you to be positive no matter what happens:

1. Keep a poster, card, stone, photograph or jewelry with you that have some positive spiritual significance.

For example:- healing stones or jewellery, mini posters that have inspiring quotes, cards with uplifting messages or simply a photograph of the thing that you love the most. It could be a person, a flower, a bird or absolutely anything that makes you feel calmer.
Just one look at a positive object will restore your peace of mind and distract you from pessimism.

2. Connect with nature.

Go to a garden, park, forest or any place which is abundant in greenery. It is scientifically proven that being around nature makes us feel happier. It reminds us of how astonishingly beautiful the world is, and a bit of fresh air which is free of pollution will do wonders to your mind.

3. Stay away from toxic people.

Stay away from people who don’t understand you and make you feel bad about yourself. Being around such people will only trigger the part of your mind which is filled with bad thoughts and sadness. It’s necessary for us to cut off certain people in our lives if they come at the cost of our mental peace.

4. Download peaceful instrumental music.

There are plenty of beautiful instrumental pieces available online for free. Make sure to download the ones which you connect with the most, and listen to it whenever you feel down or gloomy. Close your eyes, block out the world, click play and imagine gorgeous sceneries in your mind.

5. Breathe.

This is the easiest exercise out of all. It’s free, less time consuming, the effects are more immediate and you can do it in the middle of the road, at your workplace, classroom or absolutely anywhere else!
Inhale deeply, and imagine breathing in the good vibrations of the world. Exhale deeply, and imagine all the toxic thoughts, memories and feelings releasing itself from your body. It will rejuvenate both your soul and your mind. Repeat this process for at least three minutes.

Always remember that there is an unfathomable beauty surrounding you, creature of stardust. There is a blinding light waiting to be unleashed which is suppressed under layers of doubt and remorse. The dormant waves of your heart are waiting to be in sync with the full moon, so that you could be whole again.


The stars, the sun and the moon are waiting to raise a universe inside you.