5 Types Of Students You Encounter During Finals Week


Students have to take finals every year. You’d think by now that people would figure out how to study, but it hasn’t happened yet. With wide ranges in study habits, students are constantly looking for new ways to get on top of those pesky cumulative exams and major projects. Despite new study trends, a few select classifications of student studiers always remain.

1. The Crammer

We all know this kid, and we all have a mix of pity and spite for this poor soul. We hope he gets what he has coming to him, and yet we feel sorry for him. He had to know he should have studied longer than just the night before the exam. Four hours is not enough time to go through 19 chapters! He totally made fun of us for studying for like the past week. He has it coming to him, whatever it is.

2. The A+ Organizer

This is the student who makes fun of us. She’s all on top of her game. She has been studying chapter-by-chapter for weeks and has color coordinated flash cards. Her ability to organize is basically the sole reason for her exam taking success. She’s not even that smart. She’s just really good at planning. We all wish we could be her.

3. The Show Off

The smarty-pants of the group, the Show Off doesn’t need to study. He’s got everything stored up in his brain already. He’s the guy who will come to study sessions with you, but only to help you out. He legitimately thinks quizzing you will help. He doesn’t realize that he’s just making you want to throw a notebook at him. He’s a completely oblivious smarty-pants who does his charity work in the last few weeks of each semester as he teaches all his friends how to study not that he knows how to because he’s never had to.

4. The Slacker

This is the student who is just hoping to scrape by with a passing grade. She might be a genius but you’d never know it, because she’s been slacking all year. She always does just enough homework to get by, and she gets just high enough test scores to keep passing. She probably doesn’t even study for the final exam, and if she does, you know it’s just enough.

5. The Cycler

Probably the majority of all studiers, this student can’t seem to stick with a study schedule. He hits the books hard for two hours, but will then veg out on Netflix for the next four hours. Then, when he feels guilty for that, he’ll study for eight hours straight until he is brain dead. This guy is probably going to fall asleep on top of his notes at least once during finals week, and he constantly cycles through guilt and victory as he fluctuates between studying and slacking.