5 Truly Valuable Lessons You Learn From Having Your Heart Broken


1. You learn to trust your gut feeling more.

When you’re feeling that something is just not right, you’re right. Sometimes we tend to ignore our gut feelings because we don’t want to believe it’s true. If you find yourself searching for a reason to know what’s possibly not right, stop – the search is a reason.

2. You realize that, indeed, you are stronger than you think.

You’ve been through a lot, but you wonder why you are still alive and kicking. You wonder how you faced all your past struggles. Truth is – our strength is innate. It’s something we all have and it lies deep within us. If you learn to believe that you are strong, you eventually learn to be brave and fearless. And you start to agree with what they say – “You are the type of woman who can withstand anything – even the person you love’s goodbye.”

3. You learn that it’s okay to be the last one to move on.

Because it’s not a race, and it will never be. You realize that if there is something you should prioritize after the heart break, that would be – yourself and your healing. If they have moved on, let them be. Be happy for them instead. However, do not take it personal. It doesn’t mean that you didn’t mean that much to them, or you were not loved, because that’s just the reality. Whether you like it or not, some people move on first than you do. Focus on your own healing. Take your time. Always remember that, “it’s better for things to be slow and solid, than fast and fragile.”

4. You learn to never chase or beg for anyone to stay in your life.

Do not be selfish. If they want to leave, let them leave. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them at all, it just means that you love them enough to let them go. If you truly love someone, their happiness is your topmost priority, even when it doesn’t include you. However, take heart in knowing that the right one won’t ever make you beg. The right one will ALWAYS fight for you. And most importantly, “the right one won’t ever run.”

5. You learn what kind of love you deserve.

“You accept the love you think you deserve.” This is right in so many levels, and you wouldn’t realize what kind of love you deserve until you start believing that you are worthy of a love that is not full of questions. That is not full of commas. That is not 50%. That is whole, and even more. That stays. That fights. That lasts – the kind of love that will make you believe in love again.