5 Times You Know He’s Not ‘The One’


Yes, we have all been there. We have dated guys, gone through the motions of pretending to like them, and have been lead to believe that a “fling” may lead to true love.

If you scroll through your contact list on your phone, you’ll probably come across more names of guys where it didn’t work out as opposed to when it did. The problem? We didn’t see the signs as they were happening.

We are constantly trying to unearth the signs that say he IS your soul mate that we often miss the blatantly obvious signs that tell us he is NOT “The One.”

He texts you more than he sees you.

Unless he has Agoraphobia and is afraid to leave his house, there should be no reason he can’t make an effort to grab dinner or drinks with you. Don’t be fooled by the constant text messages and chatter. If he’s not asking you out: RUN.

He has an ex who might as well be a celebrity

for the amount of times he talks about her. We get it. Your ex was blonde, beautiful, and models for Sports Illustrated. So why are we still talking about her? Guys who harp on past relationships often wish things would have went a different way with their ex’s. Whether they wish they were still together or still talking, the bottom line is he’s not focusing on you. Instead he’s focusing on her Facebook profile pictures while you’re sleeping. Thanks, but no thanks.

He would rather spend time “alone” with you rather than get to know your friends and family.

Yes, time spent one-on-one is fantastic and is needed for a healthy relationship. However, if he constantly refuses to have lunch with your friends or your mom than he is basically saying he doesn’t care about your family or friends who have defined your life for the past x amount of years. Quietly, show him to the door.

He doesn’t remember the details.

This is a BIG one. A guy who is “The One” should remember every detail you tell him – your parent’s names, your favorite restaurant, and the reason you want to dye your hair two shades darker. The point is, if he’s not remembering things when you tell him, than what is he doing? Clearly not listening or paying any attention to you. #selfabsorbed #bye

He shoves foreign foods down your throat and wears a fedora.

He’s doing things that embarrass you and make you feel highly uncomfortable in public. Clearly, he’s not “The One.”

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