5 Times When Even The Most Independent Females Wish They Had A Significant Other


I usually aim to be an uplifting person, but at the moment, I am lying in bed with Influenza B and definitely have seen better days. I pride myself in being an independent person; however, when at my most vulnerable, I feel the absence of a special someone. So, coming from a person who loves being single and believes that self-empowerment is important, here are the instances where being single can be a bit lonely.

1) When you’re ill.

There’s not a more comforting feeling in the world knowing someone will drop what they are doing to make you a cup of tea or simply check in to make sure you have moved from your bed in the past 12 hours. Can anyone deny that someone gently petting your head until you fall asleep takes you up a few notches instantly? Sometimes, even the strongest of individuals need to be taken care of, whether we admit it or not.

2) At weddings.

Cliché, I am aware. Even if we are far from ready for a lifelong commitment, we wonder if what we actually want is out there and then we proceed to debate if we will ever run into that anytime soon.

3) When you have amazing news…or horrible news.

Whether it is big or small, you finally got that promotion or you found that hoodie you thought you lost, and you rush to your phone to text your friends only to realize that half the world has better things to do or frankly, does not see that sentimental significance of your long lost hoodie. As life goes on, we yearn to have a person that (by default) rejoices in our celebrations despite the occasion and also supports us during difficult times. You can go to them without a second thought and they do the same when they need you.

4) When you’re lounging in front of a breathtaking view.

A few times a year, when I am in awe and losing my senses in the natural beauty around me, I wish someone was there with me…hand in hand with wide-eyed wonder full of immense curiosity…sharing that exhilarating experience.

5) When you’re moving (or any time heavy lifting/complex assembly is required).

I suppose this is where the alpha female in me takes a backseat and it’s just easier to say yes, I need lots of assistance in this department. What a joy it is to have someone immediately be willing to help you (or do a great job convincing you he wants to) just for the simple fact that he loves you. Don’t worry, I would repay in marvelous cooking and cocktails. It’s always a two-way street.