5 Things You Should Never Ever Do To A Twin


Having a twin sibling may one of be the best things in life to ever happen to someone; they get to taste more delicious food by ordering two different dishes and splitting them half and half, pranks are way better with body doubles, and they would never forget each other’s birthdays. If you ever come across such magical creatures, here are 5 things to never do to them, unless you’re asking for double trouble:

1. Count them both as one person.

Yes they do look alike, but that ends there. They are individuals who have separate thoughts and aspirations. If one twin did something wrong, then you should never get mad at the innocent one. What the other says or do, should never be reflected on the other twin.

2. Label each twin.

Every person has a wide spectrum of personalities. There should never be “the nice twin, the creative twin, or the athletic twin”. That kind of thinking should stay where it belongs – pathetic stereotypical TV shows. The thing is, you’re limiting what each twin can or cannot do. Just because he’s not the “athletic twin”, doesn’t mean that he can’t like soccer like his brother- or beat him at other sports from time to time.

3. Ask them what the other twin is thinking.

No, twins don’t have tiny little receptive towers in their brains that send signals to each other like walkie talkies. (it sounds really cool though) When they occasionally blurt out the same words at once, it’s because they’ve been spending too much time together that they have adapted the words each of them commonly use. No ESP thing going on. Sorry to burst your bubble.

4. Tell them that you wish the other twin was there instead of him/her.

Now this is downright disrespectful. Unless you’re a heartless person who skimped out on a human decency class, it’s never okay to tell them that. I have a twin and I don’t know how many times my friends have joked me about this. Imagine being told that you’re unwanted and that they would rather much be with a person that you’re not. Yeah. It hurts. A lot.

5. Compare them to each other.

It’s not like that they don’t already know each other’s achievements. Chances are, they already know it and are thinking of it much harder than you thought. It’s actually pretty hard to have a living, breathing person to get compared to for the rest of your life. It’s only going to make them feel that every achievement they earn should be at par or even be a notch higher than each other and that’s plain wrong. Validate every win, even the small ones.

All in all, you just have to acknowledge that they’re the same as you; an individual. It just so happens that these individuals were born together. Avoid doing these 5 little things and enjoy the amazing friendship that twins can offer.